master hand

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The work had evidently been wrought by a master hand, so subtle the atmosphere, so perfect the technique; yet nowhere was there a representation of a living animal, either human or brute, by which I could guess at the likeness of these other and perhaps extinct denizens of Mars.
Rich comedy and thrilling tragedy were both lying hidden in Captain Jim's "life-book," waiting for the touch of the master hand to waken the laughter and grief and horror of thousands.
The words were scarcely uttered before a rushing blast of wind swept by the spot where they stood, raising the dust in little eddies, in its progress; and then, as if guided by a master hand, it quitted the earth, and mounted to the precise spot on which all eyes were just then riveted.
Four of them there were, and they tumbled pell-mell into the room, fairly falling upon Norman of Torn in their anxiety to get their swords into him; but once they met that master hand they went more slowly, and in a moment two of them went no more at all, and the others, with the Earl, were but circling warily in search of a chance opening--an opening which never came.
A little fluctuation of the wind now carried the path of the forest fire to the north, then blew back and the flames nearly stood still as though held in leash by some master hand.
She had seen his sword in play and she knew that it had been wielded by a master hand, and who should know swordplay better than Tara of Helium, who had learned it well under the constant tutorage of John Carter himself.
I have a master hand in calligraphy too,' the artist claimed.
The surgeon command center has two adaptable master hand controllers with an extended range of motion to accommodate any surgeon, big or small.
Owen and the rest of the SCA crew perform rituals and incantations, master hand movements, and chant activation words, and as they do, they become sworn protectors of sorcery.
This leaves the operator with both hands free to work the master hand clutch, a loader or a shuttle shift.
If you're a seasoned fullsize 1911 shooter, you might appreciate that operating the mag release with your master hand is faster and requires less hand movement than with your service pistol.

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