master plan

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Heang said the advantage of a master plan is that it makes it easier for developers to visualise future areas of growth because it earmarks certain zones for certain types of development.
This master plan must not just be produced; it should be implemented.
The master plan aims to reinforce the important role that the Calwell centre plays for surrounding areas, particularly the Calwell District Playing Fields and the Tuggeranong Homestead.
Alongside its aesthetic appeal, the site is situated close to another master plans in Qarawa containing 147 plots, 117 of which have already been successfully sold to Palestinian families.
He stressed on including information on all departments in the master plan by using GIS technology.
must be attuned to the goals and objectives of the master plan.
Speaking on the occasion, the minister said, "The Ashghal master plan is important for the city's drainage system.
If East Brookfield is known for anything, it's for being cautious and the final draft of the Master Plan is no exception," the chairman of the board of selectmen said.
When the master plan becomes a continuous review of information and analysis, it is readily adaptable to the outside environment.
In addition to the four initial, projects, the City is also implementing: three improvements as part of the short-term phase of the Greenway master plan.
Elements of the master plan for the expansion of Marina Park include a conceptual planning exercise to determine information on priorities and costs and an operational review and technical study of the current marina docking facility so council can gather details on the money needed to ensure the facility is running efficiently.
Atlantic Mutual also has revised and broadened several key definitions and coverages in the Atlantic Master Plan and Distinctive Home personal lines policies.

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