master plan

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He noted that on top of the DPWH drainage master plan, the city government has a development plan that has an anti-flooding segment.
'The old population of Gwadar city would remain in its place after Gwadar Master Plan.' Jam Kamal pledged.
'We will have a symposium so that the public can come and give their opinions, before finally the state will choose which is the best master plan. We want to have a balanced development, so that it will be well accepted,' he said.
Drafting of the master plan started on the first quarter of 2018 and was expected to be completed on the second quarter of that year.
Rawalpindi's first master plan was outlined in 1968, when it was the interim capital, because the city had expanded haphazardly.
'The services of a highly reputed and experienced consultant is required to amend the master plan and our report is going to recommend its engagement though a keenly tailored request for proposal (RFP)', he added, saying: 'Now, it will be on federal government how it will proceed further'.
Recently, German company AS+P won the tender for the development of the second phase of the master plan of Baku.
Master plans are no more practised the same way in the West as they once were; these are now mostly devised for green-field developments (New Economic City in Punjab, Pakistan, and Amravati, Maharashtra, India are recent examples).
The CM Balochistan said that provincial government is committed to successful implementation of Master Plan.
The bench members expressed their extreme displeasure with the master plan department authorities, as a law officer for the master plan department disclosed that there was no master plan of the city.
Exploring the details of the proposed Master Plan, the Consultant, Babar Ali Syed , said that the purpose of this consultation meeting is to maintain joint consultation with different stakeholders and relevant institutions and these suggestion should be included in the proposed 20 years Master Plan .
Occidental Mindoro, one of the hardest hit areas by the ongoing El Niao, is the first province to accept the offer of the DA for the crafting of an agriculture master plan. The plan will include concerns on forest denudation and massive siltation of its rivers.

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