master plan

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Themed workshops on the Griffith Park Master Plan will be held 6:30-8:30 p.
The new 25-year master plan will focus on strengthening the preservation of open space in the park and better organization of the developed areas, planners said.
The master plan crafted by Los Angeles World Airports calls for boosting the number of jets at the 730-acre airport to as many as 211 by 2015, and devoting slightly more than half of the 113 vacant acres to aviation-related business.
The New York Skyline attests to the fact that the city has, over the last too many years, had no Master Plan for integrated development.
Among the draft Master Plan recommendations for implementation in the first year after it's accepted is the establishment of an implementation committee and "a complete overhaul of the town's zoning bylaws and subdivision regulations.
But to accommodate their cultural and financial needs, master plans must be reworked and updated.
Phase 1 of the master plan is expected to begin at that time.
The grant funds will allow AIA professionals to participate in three stages: 1) Provide input and insight to the Master Plan, 2) Design and construct a temporary bus shelter for transit customers providing a preview of better things to come prior to construction commencing as a result of the Master Plan, and 3) Publication of a "Design Guidebook" for the city's Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), assisting transportation officials in the future design of shelters and related buildings in other parts of the city.
The Territory Government is developing a master plan for a commercial general aviation precinct at Batchelor Airport.
9 special town meeting will be asked to endorse the North Brookfield Community Master Plan, prepared by the Master Plan Committee with the technical assistance of the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission.
The Rosamond Community Services District is working on a master plan for developing parks and recreation amenities for the unincorporated community.
The scope of services shall generally consist of a) advising and assisting GIPEC during the master developer/developer services RFP phase of the project and during the selection of a developer(s), b) integrating urban planning issues into a cohesive, comprehensive Governors Island master plan, c) writing design guidelines for development, d) advising and assisting GIPEC with master planning services, as requested, during the permitting, design and construction of the project.

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