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When a town brings me out to talk about a master plan, if they have to ask me about the value of a comprehensive plan, then chances are they're not ready for one.
Wallace targets his services toward communities that know they need a master plan and need help creating one.
Frequently the difference between success and failure, when it comes to a master plan, is a community's readiness to commit time, energy and resources.
The master plan sets the direction for the community college, allowing for growth and change.
When the master plan becomes a continuous review of information and analysis, it is readily adaptable to the outside environment.
The LAX master plan does not include a detailed analysis of those regional options long sought by advocates of a regional aviation solution.
Key elements in the staff-recommended master plan for the expansion of Los Angeles International Airport:
CLU President Luther Luedtke said he hopes to win approval for the master plan in order to initiate planning and design for a new athletic events center - featuring a 2,000-seat gymnasium, swimming complex, football stadium and open play fields - within the next six months.
Since the design and construction process will take approximately two to three years to complete, we request that the City Council and the Planning Commission expedite the approvals process for the new master plan so that the events center can proceed on schedule in September 1998,'' wrote Luedtke in a letter addressed to the City Council.
Under Fain's leadership, Johnson Fain's urban design group recently has won top honors in three international master plan competitions for major districts in China's three most important cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Martins College Master Plan, Portland State University Birmingham Mixed-Use, University of Washington Blakely Village, BrightWater, and the USGBC Gold project, IslandWood on Bainbridge Island.
Although the effects of operating the project for uses such as reservoir storage, fish passage and hydropower will be considered, this master plan will not make recommendations about project operations.

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