master worker

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I was beside him, like a master worker," or, alternatively, "a little child.
Branch-and-Bound is a model of such solution, but most of parallel applications developed on P2P networks are based on the Master Worker paradigm, particularly for divide and conquer problems (D&C), where the Master divides the tasks and sends them to Workers, while the Workers execute received tasks as in the client server model.
Keywords: P2P, on demand dynamic hierarchical master worker, recursive problems, parallel computing
The hierarchical Master Worker type solutions are then introduced to ameliorate the former one.
We propose a scalable and generic hierarchical Master Worker model based on a distributed tree diffusion which is constructed on demand by any Master node in any P2P network.
The remainder of this paper is organized as follows: In the second section, we present a background and related works on parallel computing techniques, especially for divide and conquer problem type, with more importance to the hierarchical Master Worker models.
Master Worker paradigm is an adequate solution for divide and conquer problem such as our case study (recursive problems).
Powderly, once Grand Master Worker of the Knights of Labor and later U.
Who holds the title Master Worker and Warden of the Mint?
He points out that the master worker is the artist in that he knows "the causes of the things that are done .
Which cabinet minister holds the title Master Worker and Warden of the Mint?
Union missteps--From Kessler's files come tales of union contracts that billed everyone at master wages, when in fact they didn't put master workers on that particular job.