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Kathy Bates is divinely profane as Leno's battle-ax producer; Treat Williams is a masterly Michael Ovitz .
His masterly Film Choreographers and Dance Directors is a comprehensive work of the period 1893 through 1995.
Given a masterly ride by Adrian Maguire, the seven-year-old scored by a length from the gallant Tullymurry Toff, with Young Kenny, a further 13 lengths back in third.
The first section, "Crossing Genres," opens with Ronald Martinez's sweepingly panoramic "Two Odysseys: Rinaldo's Po Journey and the Poet's Homecoming in Orlando furioso," in which Rinaldo's journey is revealed as a masterly accommodation of Arthurian romance and Carolingian epic tradition.
But the Scala dancing was masterly throughout--especially that of Massimo Murru, a nobly authoritative yet highly feeling Albrecht; Francesco Ventriglia, fiercely confrontational as Hilarion, and Beatrice Carbone, an elegantly articulated Myrtha.
The Kildare fighter's masterly performance surprised everyone - even his own coach - as he had lost easily to Hungary's Gyula Kate the last three times they'd fought.
He said: "In an extraordinarily closely contested last round, in which the judges felt the level of the shortlisted novels was as high as it can ever have been, they have agreed to award the Man Booker Prize to John Banville's The Sea, a masterly study of grief, memory and love recollected
The victim's father is a masterly portrait of grief.
Developed by Ubisoft's award-winning Montreal studio, Prince of Persia The Two Thrones blends the best features from Prince of Persia(R): The Sands of Time and Prince of Persia Warrior Within(TM), and creates an epic experience by combining two playable characters in a masterly balanced gameplay, with the perfect mix of combat, platforming, puzzles and a compelling storyline.
His enthusiasm for Victorian values is unmissable and he's immediately followed on Channel 4 by Dr David Starkey's masterly presentation of Henry the Eighth's six wives.
It was the little Brummie hotshot's fifth goal of the season - a masterly finish after being sent clear by the former Wolves defender Andy Thompson.
The dancers were all terrific, with outstanding performances coming from a piquant Ashley Bouder as the Cinderella girl and a coruscating Damian Woetzel as her Hollywood prince in the first section, and Tom Gold, with masterly comic timing, as the dumb-luck hero and a perfectly perfect Alexandra Ansanelli as his prim sweetheart in the second.