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Now, in conducting a paper, 'The Examiner,' and in writing masterly political pamphlets, he found occupation for his tremendous energy and gave very vital help to the ministers.
While we were on the highroad, Blantyre had given me my head; but now, with a light hand and a practiced eye, he guided me over the ground in such a masterly manner that my pace was scarcely slackened, and we were decidedly gaining on them.
And still the noble Sonata went pealing through the room: but it was Arthur's masterly touch that roused the echoes, and thrilled my very soul with the tender music of the immortal 'Sonata Pathetique': and it was not till the last note had died away that the tired but happy traveler could bring himself to utter the words "good-night
It was one of the great livery-stableman's most masterly intuitions to have discovered that Americans want to get away from amusement even more quickly than they want to get to it.
That you succeeded in shifting the guilt upon the Prince of Helium was fortunate, and a masterly move of strategy; but were the girl to know the truth and ever return to her father's court, all Dusar would have to pay the penalty, and to have her here a prisoner amongst us would be an admission of guilt from the consequences of which naught could save us.
Hegan's intrigues were masterly, and Daylight's campaign steadily developed.
Nevertheless, by his masterly operation and improvement of her kitchen-laundry he fell an immense distance in her regard.
00, 1 October 2016 Join us as singing superstar Andrea Bocelli, whose latest album 'Cinema' offers a masterly showcase of the vast range of his extraordinary talents, lights up London's O2 Arena in an unforgettable show.
A lively audience packed Corners on AmwajIslands to listen to his witty repertoire and masterly musical choice for thefinal time on New Year's Eve.
If you're looking for wow factor then this is the place, as you marvel at luxury apartments with magnificent panelling hung with masterly paintings, a glass house eagle's nest on top of an art deco skyscraper and delightful brick townhouses with beautiful gardens.
The exhibition also explored human nature, feelings and portraits of women and captured traditional female imagery in masterly skills of transparent nature of water colours and miniature painting.
You can marvel at the comedic delights on offer from such masterly comedic gagsmiths as Mick Ferry, Rob Deering, Mark Olver and Nathan Caton.