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Langworth also acted as Henslowe's and Alleyn's agent during their negotiations for the reversion of the mastership of the royal game of bears, bulls, and mastiff dogs.
She held a mastership with the Pembrokeshire and had 14 seasons as field master to the South Pembrokeshire.
JP Institute provides personalized in-office training for dental professionals, as well as continuing education, mastership certification, hands-on workshops and seminars.
A readership in Medieval English followed in 1976 and the mastership of Emmanuel a year later.
This year, he was inducted into the Mastership in the American College of Physicians, joining an elite group of 611 worldwide to receive the title.
If Mastership can repeat his fourth in the Bunbury Cup he could win the Tote Challenge and he has the ideal man in the saddle, Johnny Murtagh.
Advanced has been backed into 9-1 favourite, from 11-1, with Coral while others well supported are Confuchias who is now 10-1 from 12-1 and Mastership who is a 16-1 chance from 25s.
Moreover, it was only the guilds of the Wine Inspectors and the Sword Masters that prohibited women from inheriting their husband's mastership.
Clive Brittain has never been afraid to launch extravagant plans for his horses and now has another to scour the programme book with in the ultra-impressive Lingfield winner Mastership.
Among them are new knights in the Order of Santiago during the mastership of Dom Jorge 1492-1550, Blacks and the search for rewards and status in 17th-century Brazil, and the practice of medicine and the role and social status of the fisio-mor and the surgiao-mor.
For at least ten years, from before 1594, Henslowe manoeuvred to get full authority over the business of bear-baiting, the Mastership of the royal bears, which also gave him the Paris Garden baiting house.
He holds a Mastership in Chemical Analysis and, for nine years, worked for the Public Analyst Service in Birmingham.