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Assault Mastery V, Sniper Mastery V, Shotgun Mastery V, SMG Mastery V, Melee Mastery V, Pistol Mastery V.
"The focus for the year has been on writing skills and the idea of 'mastery' is that students recap the skills in everything they do until it has been mastered.
It is practically always merely because of a weak mastery of the language in which a newspaper is produced, namely, in Kenya, English.
Individuals born to lower- or working-class families have less actual control over their lives, due to limited economic resources and other disadvantages early in life, leading to lower feelings of mastery. Second, adult class or socioeconomic attainment also affects mastery: people in more privileged strata typically enjoy more occupational autonomy and life success, reinforcing feelings of mastery.
"Even in the shorter programs we are able to achiever so much," Vermeeren explains, "Simply because the ideas and concepts we share in Personal Power Mastery are so different than what people have experienced before."
Let's say I want to build mastery by learning new skills in cooking and preparing fresh, homecooked meals for my family.
These findings suggest that informing students more generally of the potential achievement drawbacks (that have recently been explored in relation to mastery goals) should result in reliable improvements in interest-based studying behaviours, regardless of the specific variable proposed to account for this relationship.
If you are waiting to be motivated by someone else, personal mastery will elude you.
The purpose of the book is "to provide a hermeneutic of nature that will enable us to approach the ethical and political problems that we face concerning the natural world in a different way." In providing such a hermeneutic, Bannon begins by outlining the problem of mastery, and then offers a way of opening up the world again to mystery through the works of, primarily, Martin Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty.
This gives us renewed inspiration to try again until we reach a level of mastery that is quite close to the Master.
The mastery scores include (a) complete sentences, 100%; (b) percentage of complicated sentences, 50% or better; and (c) punctuation, 66% or better.