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Power, violence, compulsion, or constraint exerted upon or against a person or thing. Power dynamically considered, that is, in motion or in action; constraining power, compulsion; strength directed to an end. Commonly the word occurs in such connections as to show that unlawful or wrongful action is meant, e.g., forcible entry.

Power statically considered, that is, at rest, or latent, but capable of being called into activity upon occasion for its exercise. Efficacy; legal validity. This is the meaning when we say that a statute or a contract is in force.

Reasonable force is that degree of force that is appropriate and not inordinate in defending one's person or property. A person who employs such force is justified in doing so and is neither criminally liable nor civilly liable in tort for the conduct.

Deadly Force is utilized when a person intends to cause death or serious bodily harm or when he or she recognizes personal involvement in the creation of a substantial risk that death or bodily harm will occur.

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Figure 6 shows the deformation distributions of various masticatory forces (500 N-1000 N).
Even if those materials underlined excellent results for the anterior teeth, the posterior area involved in high masticatory forces resulted in fracture of the crown and in no long-term results [2123, 29-32].
As a result, lower masticatory forces were needed for food processing.
It supports the tooth in contact with compressive masticatory forces. A proper, healthy tooth-PDL tissue system will result in a normal mobility and in a good support of the tooth.
Retentive forces by these magnetic attachments are limited against lateral masticatory forces. [13] In such cases, additional retention should be considered.
The need of recementation requirement was more in younger age group which is linked with presence of large number of teeth opposing arch and heavy masticatory forces which is generally low in older age group.
This study, like any in vitro study, cannot accurately simulate what really happens in clinical situations, where a large number of unpredictable and uncontrollable variables are involved, such as the masticatory forces [39], oral functions [9, 40], different degrees of malocclusion [36-38], and the temperature and moisture conditions [40, 41].
Certain implant abutment connections (some screw type) are not secure enough to have single molar restorations, it is recommended to splint 2-3 implants together to prevent the micromotion that might lead to prosthetic failure especially at the weakest point which is the connecting screw 4,5.The only concern that remains is to place an un-splinted implant of enough size to hold masticatory forces especially at the molar area.
Some authors (5-7,10-14) have taken the trouble to assess the mechanical properties of the acrylic resins for denture bases, by determining the masticatory forces to which they are submitted.
The zygomatic bone has thick cortical layer that offers a solid and extended anchorage that can bear the vertical masticatory forces. The tricortical anchorage increases the success and survival of the zygomatic implant [13].
Although this system is semi-rigid, the amount of rigidity demonstrated is sufficient for effective osteosynthesis of fractures and to resist masticatory forces during the period of healing.