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An important element in the biomechanics of temporomandibular joint and the entire masticatory system is the posterior wall of the articular eminence.
1) Several studies have shown that functional disruption of the masticatory system in children and adolescents is common, and its occurrence increases with age.
20 Dundalk A practitioner of gnathology, the study of the masticatory system.
They address neurobiological considerations for occlusal parafunction and temporomandibular disorders, orthopedic considerations in the masticatory system, the anatomical basis of occlusion, the role and evaluation of the muscles of the stomatognathic system, the effect of occlusal forces on periodontal disease, bite splint therapy, and dentist-ceramist communication.
There were 2 questions related to the function of the masticatory system, specifically whether the child/adolescent had pain or discomfort during chewing and whether the child/ adolescent had pain or discomfort when opening the jaw.
However, growing evidence in the field indicates that patients may have signs and symptoms external to the masticatory system that refer pain to the head and neck area.
Part I consists of six chapters that discuss the normal anatomy, function, and mechanics of the masticatory system.
A good diet is not only necessary for development of the masticatory system, it also helps keep this system functioning properly.
In some instances, it is appropriate for the family physician to refer the patient to a dentist for a more comprehensive evaluation of the masticatory system.
The functional status of the masticatory system is determined by assessing the bite force.
The presence of TMD in the participants of this study was expected, because the symptoms of the disorders of the masticatory system are more frequent in women than men 20, and attack individuals who belong to the age-group established in this research [21].