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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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When postoperative PTA-ABG [less than or equal to]10 dB was used to define successful hearing outcomes, the significantly favorable predictive factors were S0 pathological status of the stapes (p=0.0425) and development of mastoid cells with MC2-3 (better developed mastoid cells) (p=0.0374).
Therefore, the frontal sinus, ethmoid and mastoid cells equilateral to brain hemiatrophy get larger, the squama of the frontal bone becomes thicker and large sphenoid wing and petrous ridge elevate.
In preoperative CT scans of the patient, some soft tissue density and aeration loss was observed in mastoid cells, but as our initial diagnosis was chronic otitis media and we did not observe any signs of cholesteatoma in the middle ear cavity and attic region after clearance of the polypoid mass, we did not explore the mastoid region.
In the cranial CT scan, a soft tissue density completely obliterating the left middle ear cavity and mastoid cells was observed and at this level, a bone defect in the posterior and superior walls of the mastoid bone and a lesion (35 x 33 x 34 mm) pushing the 4th ventricle in the left cerebellar hemisphere were detected.