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(1) Select one image [I.sub.k] [member of] [I.sup.(1)] as the observation image; (2) Compute the SIFT feature saliency based on the image training set [I.sup.(2)] = {[I.sub.m] | m = 1,N, m [not equal to] k} according to Section 2; (3) Perform the feature matching between [I.sub.1] and [I.sub.k]; (4) If the reference image [I.sub.1] is matched with all the images from [I.sup.(1)], go to (5); else go to (1); (5) Compute the average matching results according to (11)-(13).
Computer matched colors for batch-to-batch consistency.
But HAVA also allows states to exempt these voters when they provide either their driver's license or Social Security numbers and when the numbers can be matched to the respective database.
Montreal offers the highest match rate at $5 for each dollar saved; however, only $900 in savings are eligible for matched credits.
Cord-blood transplants in which the donor and recipient aren't related or fully matched have shown success in children, who are small and resilient.
As a result of this attentive, sophisticated care, which is unlikely to be matched by any program an alcoholic could find in the real world, about a quarter of the subjects abstained for as long as a year.
Custom matched colorants include dust-free beads; high-load concentrates that work well in PE and PVC film and bottles; micro-fine dry colorants for rotational molding; and liquid colors for all applications.
However, finding a closely matched marrow donor remains difficult, says Joseph Muenzer, a pediatrician and geneticist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.