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Beecher concluded that song matching is an aggressive move, indicating a willingness to escalate the confrontation.
The new Tarari technology, which accelerates and offloads Regular Expression pattern matching at wire-speed, will enable OEMs, ISVs and developers in corporate environments to significantly improve the overall throughput of their solutions.
As partial rationale for expanded matching, the IRS pointed to an internal study that documented the recent significant growth in the number of flowthrough entities.
When interviewers intentionally align themselves with a witness or suspect through these matching or mirroring techniques, the interviewee is more inclined to respond to the interviewer and subsequently provide information.
The commission had been considering making participation in the city's public matching fund program retroactive, an option that could have helped candidates for citywide office in 2001 who have been fund-raising in some cases since April.
In the plastics industry, there are many other factors that come into play when matching samples visually.
Another set of problems related to current computerized job matching system was addressed by Botterbusch (1986).
The CEO Magnus Bocker will be entitled to invest maximum 10,000 OMX shares and may receive a maximum of eight matching shares per invested OMX share.
matching contributions) are also subject to similar nondiscrimination testing.
At each PMS manufacturing facility, as well as the CTC, the matching process begins with what is best considered a "color workstation.
The majority of these Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) based computer programs tend to have a strong emphasis on matching a person with a job on the basis of person-job requirements (P-JR) fit (i.
The company's offerings consist of a wide range of biometric products and solutions which are used to capture and process the unique physiological characteristics of individuals to establish and verify their identity, such as fingerprint, palm scan and facial recognition systems and solutions, enterprise and application software (including enterprise matching software), document readers, access control systems, and related services.