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In addition to its robust business-to-business feature, Matchmaker offers minority-owned suppliers unique opportunities to participate in a wide range of development seminars designed to give these suppliers knowledge that can help strengthen their businesses.
By adding a travel-focussed content layer to the feedback provided on the big five personality traits -- openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism -- the matchmaker app can reveal the user's holidaymaker profile, recommend their perfect travel destination, suggest activities to do when they get there as well as suggest their most and least compatible co-traveller types.
Some other matchmakers were found to be holding forged licenses with fake stamps of the Justice Ministry although the ministry does not issue this kind of licenses, sources said, adding that such cases triggered the authorities to move and take measures to protect the public from such actions.
Daters are also caught up in a Hollywood view of the way romance should work, the matchmakers say, they believe prince or princess perfect will come along, sparks will fly and they'll fall in love straight away.
The matchmaker in "The Magic Barrel" is a fantastical being, compared to the fertility God Pan and to Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream, a mischievous imp who leads lovers astray in order to ultimately bring them together by showing them how much they need each other.
The residents of the G-11 sector alleged that a famous bureau, which operates in their area in the disguise of a matchmaker, arranges private meetings between girls and boys even without any contact at family level.
Come and meet him right now', he was trying to play matchmaker.
Happily-married mum-of-two Sarah, 35, said: "I've always been a bit of a matchmaker.
So, I will include this matchmaker card with my basket of purses because clearly, if you read the National Enquirer, I didn't use it.
Lucas is the designated matchmaker in his high school, setting up cheerleaders and outcasts alike.
NUNEATON'S Library turned matchmaker for Valentine's Day - pairing people up with their perfect book.