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MATE. The second officer on board of a merchant ship or vessel.
     2. He has the right to sue in the admiralty as a common mariner for wages. 1. Pet. Adm. Dee. 246.
     3. When, on the death of the master, the mate assumes the command, he succeeds to the rights and duties of the principal officer. 1 Sumn. 157; 3 Mason, 161; 4 Mason, 196; See 7 Conn. 239; 4 Mason, 641 4 Wash. C. C. 838.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said for Mater Spei College to be doing well was because of the pupils' self-confidence and self-belief.
We suggest that mast cell degranulation plays a key role in vasodilation and vascular permeability associated with activation of trigeminal sensory nerve fibers in the dura mater where is the origin of migraine pain.
The First Lady commended the management of the Mater Hospital and its partners for their tireless work in sustaining the momentum of the Cardiac Program for the last 16 years.Because of your commitment and generosity, over 3,000 surgeries have been carried out on children who had no other way of affording these lifesaving procedures, the First Lady told the Hospital management, its partners and runners.
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Luigi Maria Monti Foundation and Qatar Foundation Endowment (QFE) have announced plans for Mater Olbia Hospital, a specialised hospital and medical research centre in Olbia, Sardinia, Italy.
E-dura is named so after the dura mater, a protective sheath that forms the outermost layer of the spinal cord and protects the central nervous system.
Recent studies have described myodural communications bridging the epidural spaces between the rectus capitis posterior minor (RCPmi), rectus capitis posterior major (RCPma), and obliquus capitis inferior (OCI) suboccipital muscles and the dura mater of the cervical spine.
SHAMED charity boss Brian Conlon was paid [euro]10,000-ayear when he was Mater chief by the same firm that built the hospital car park.
AMATEUR rider Gwen Daly is set to remain in the Mater Hospital in Dublin for at least another fortnight as her fractured vertebrae heal and the swelling around her spinal cord subsides, writes Jessica Lamb.