material assets

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Vocademia is being acquired on cash and debt free basis and holds no material assets at closing, therefore the relevant consideration will be capitalised as good-will in Milamber's accounts from the year ending 2018.
Electronic auction: provision of services to ensure access control, protection of office space and material assets using technical security means for the needs of st.
Collectively, the Jiangli New Material assets have a total lithium salts capacity of 15,000 MT/year, with the ability to expand as needed to support Albemarle's growth strategy.
The first requirement is that we further reinforce the human and material assets of our intelligence services," said Valls, who after the January 7-9 attacks conceded there could have been "shortfalls" in monitoring and justice arrangements.
Uzbek customs officers prevented over 23 thousand attempts of illegal transportation of material assets worth more than 155 billion sum, or $64 million, the Uzbek State Customs Committee's representative told RIA Novosti on Thursday.
There is a horrifying element in this new legislation pertaining to the seizure of properties and material assets belonging to a defendant, at any stage of a trial.
He said the new generation was a national asset and needed to be preserved like other material assets.
Intellectual assets have become more prominent and form a new kind of economy and for this, land, capitals and machinery are less important on account of them being material assets.
and its subsidiaries do not have material assets, and they currently do not conduct any substantive business operations.
The remark comes after information minister, Ambika Soni, said that the government was considering setting up a sovereign wealth fund, mainly to help state-run enterprises acquire raw material assets abroad.
New Delhi, Oct 13 (ANI): The Union Cabinet today approved the policy for acquisition of raw material assets abroad by profit making Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs).
The UAE leadership puts all the available material assets at the service of nationals to provide them with a prosperous life and services at every house without having to bear additional burdens," he added.

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