material existence

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Now, I repeat, Beauchamp, I wish to return to human and material existence, and if you are still the friend you profess to be, help me to discover the hand that struck the blow.
But what will not be forgotten, and what will and should continue to obsess our imaginations, is this revelation of the possibilities of the universe, this destruction of our ignorant self-complacency, and this demonstration of how narrow is the path of our material existence and what abysses may lie upon either side of it.
Let us see," said Peter Hovenden, rising from his chair, with a sneer upon his face that always made people doubt, as he himself did, in everything but a material existence.
You must understand that I am not talking here of material existence.
PRESERVATION or downfall thereof depends on properly following or forsaking of basics, composition, laws, morals, character, aims and objectives, principles and purpose of any human or material existence, meaning all those ingredients and composition, moral or physical, for reasonable survival of a nation or a country.
I have watched my experience of music change, for instance, as digitisation has freed the song from the album, and the album from material existence, and as any song has become available at the touch of a button.
s): Acquisition is necessary to ensure the safety of objects, Assets and values against any unlawful actions that damage the right to property, Their material existence, And the protection of individuals against any hostile acts that may endanger their lives, Physical integrity or health.
But Materialities is more concerned with the material existence and practical uses of chanson books than the lofty, ideal realms claimed for them by their makers.
It should be noted that the events A, B and C are not denied their material existence as real events and there is still a causal chain running from the past to the present and future.
Further on, incorporation to the Marxist canon is reaffirmed when, reiterating one of the basic principles of this canon, Medvedev emphasizes the idea that forms of consciousness are determined by material existence and sustains that the ideological environment
He cannot be seen by our eyes, and He is not subject to the laws that govern our material existence and by which we understand our world.
There is no other way to try and preserve our professional, economic, athletic and material existence.