material object

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A very material object of this power was the relief of the States which import and export through other States, from the improper contributions levied on them by the latter.
When this material object was effected in safety, he arose to his seat, and took a better survey of his situation.
Supposing we were to reverse our arithmetic for material objects, and to govern these awful unknown quantities by other means!
I ask for information, as a plodding man of business who only deals with such material objects as guineas, shillings, and bank-notes--may not the retention of the thing involve the retention of the idea?
If however, from too much conversing with material objects, the soul was gross, and misplaced its satisfaction in the body, it reaped nothing but sorrow; body being unable to fulfil the promise which beauty holds out; but if, accepting the hint of these visions and suggestions which beauty makes to his mind, the soul passes through the body and falls to admire strokes of character, and the lovers contemplate one another in their discourses and their actions, then they pass to the true palace of beauty, more and more inflame their love of it, and by this love extinguishing the base affection, as the sun puts out the fire by shining on the hearth, they become pure and hallowed.
She told me that they worshiped Luata in several forms, as fire, the sun, eggs and other material objects which suggested heat and reproduction.
Open Competition: Provision Of Security Services To Protect The Property Of The Material Object, Ensuring Intrabuilding And Admission Control For The Needs Of SBD Zhilischnik District Nagatinsky Backwater
A model needs to retain a relative degree of abstraction as a material object to accomplish its conjectural quality--that is, to exemplify the project to which it gives scalar form.
His topics include the material object, commentaries on the Gold Seal in the 1780s, revival of interest in the Gold Seal during the Meiji era and Miyake Yonekichi's breakthrough, modern science and the Gold Seal, and conspiracy theories and better science.
The constant circulation of Othello's handkerchief, she argues, illustrates how a meaning initially attributed to a material object builds and shifts as the object moves from one context to another.
Dominating the literary criticism of the 1980s and 1990s, both branches focused on power and politics (especially the fashioning of self and nation out of "others"), a peculiar kind of anecdotal or paradigmatic history (that is history with a little "h"), interdisciplinarity (by which every event or painting or material object could be read as a text), and, foremost of all literary genres, drama.
The titles of the nine sections give some idea of this breadth: the material object, documentary reconstruction, post-disciplinary approaches, multiple readings, gender and reception, performativity, text and image, collecting and consumption, politics and ideology.

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