material wealth

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6] In "The Fair--conc luded," a chapter focused largely on how greed for material wealth can divide the Black community, the narrator notes that "expediency and right must go hand in hand.
Today we have a selfish, materialistic "me-me-me" society, and unfortunately many of these who seek material wealth are not prepared to work and contribute to the benefit of our country.
PAKISTAN'S cricketers will be means-tested by their government - to see if the players' material wealth is greater than their earnings.
The other co-founders, Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College, and Geoff Mulgan, former head of policy at 10 Downing Street, believe that increases in material wealth in the West have failed to deliver a happier society.
Hannah Montana - The Movie is peppered with wholesome values, promoting the family unit and the value of enduring friendship ahead of material wealth.
Lab one never enjoyed the material wealth of modern footballers, but the love and affection in which he is held can be measured only on a Richter scale.
Many good and bright people would rather be neo-peasants than contemporary nobles, always on the lookout for an opportunity to pillage and accumulate material wealth.
The survey said lots of childless Britons were living in trendy loft apartments, while others had abandoned material wealth and "downshifted" to the country.
In spite of having all the money and material wealth he could ever hope for--not to mention a young hoochie in his bed--he is unhappy.
Also, we cannot leave aside the effects of modern life, the single child syndrome, households wherein technology creates couch potatoes and material wealth that provides ample opportunity for excuses like riding lessons, hockey, week-end skiing and southern holidays to justify absence.
A US study of lonely hearts adverts found that women from big cities rated material wealth higher than emotional qualities or companionship.