material wealth

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It is a form of affluence that encompasses not only material wealth, but also a charitable personality, a blissful soul, an enlightened mind and an ability to inspire the drive for prosperity in others.
We too are not in favour of spoiling children and creating elitism around material wealth, but rest assured our service for school runs is really not about posh limos and showing off.
They looked for a life less involved with material wealth and simpler in structure - a life where they consumed less and created more.
You may not be able to measure material wealth in trees and fields, but our green spaces are among the most attractive facets of our city - a foundation stone upon which quality of life is built for so many Cardiffians.
It encompassing traditional measures of material wealth, as well as capturing citizens' sense of wellbeing - from how safe they feel, to their perceived personal freedom.
According to Legatum Institute CEO Jeffrey Gedmin, the index creates a "comprehensive picture of what makes country truly successful, encompassing traditional measures of material wealth, as well as capturing citizens' sense of well-being".
He added that wealth of the nations is not measured by the natural and material wealth but is largely measured by the extent to which focus and care is given to the development of its youths.
Success is based on how much material wealth one possesses.
India has in the past complained bitterly about private auctions of Gandhi s belongings, saying they insulted the memory of a man who rejected material wealth.
Summary: For some, it's being with family, for a few others its material wealth, some give credit to love and for many it's just a state of mind.
With their human foibles and frailties, they demonstrate that true happiness does not lie in material wealth, a salutary lesson for all.
Until we develop some kind of renewable magic bullet, alongside a more gentle approach to material wealth, nuclear is our best "holding" option if we are going to cook food and drive electric cars and heat our houses, unless we wish to become totally dependent on nice Mr Putin.