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Despite the fact that materialism is often seen as a social problem, it is being increased among people day by day.
In respect of the development of materialism, scholars argued that it emerges in individuals as early as pre-school age and develops over time with social comparisons, becoming more complex with age, gender, education, and comparison of playing stuff like toys (Verma, 2009).
'If you just entered the university and you are not making money but thinking of every new phone that comes, instead of looking for work, then I think it is a bit tragic,' he commented on the effects of preaching materialism in the society.
Social comparison and materialism is a common factor in youth, which is negatively influencing their behavioral and mental situation.
While the subtitle of Amanda Jo Goldstein's Sweet Science: Romantic Materialism and the New Logics of Life emphasizes the "new" concepts of life that emerge in Romantic literature and science, an important part of the book's argument is that these "new logics" owe much to Romantic writers' repurposing of the past.
Schroeder and Dugal (1995) stated that "a good grasp of materialism is critical for understanding our relationship to consumption" and that consumption "offers a real-world, meaningful and often unobtrusive forum in which to test theories of behavior" (p.
According to research, materialism has been linked to a variety of mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, as well as selfish attitudes and behaviours.
Materialism and its influence on the subjective quality of life of Brazilian adolescents
This paper aims to analyse comparatively the relationship between materialism and life satisfaction from sociological and theological points of view.
In this complex scenario, materialism has been increasingly used to explain this complexity (Hudders & Pandelaere, 2012; Chan et al., 2015).
This article explores and puts together eight important factors influencing materialism in children aged 8-12 years using a large sample from Spain.
According to him, the Pentecostal church has derailed from its mandate and now centres on prosperity, materialisms and individualisms.