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The view that seems to me to reconcile the materialistic tendency of psychology with the anti-materialistic tendency of physics is the view of William James and the American new realists, according to which the "stuff" of the world is neither mental nor material, but a "neutral stuff," out of which both are constructed.
People have become more materialistic rather than realistic.
We can replace all the materialistic items but my nan's jewellery is irreplaceable.
It added that the Chief of Staff has contacted the First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah as well as Deputy Chief of Staff General Abdullah Nawaf Al Sabah, stressing that only minimal materialistic damage and moderate injuries were reported.
First of all, the diversity of religions makes it difficult to present in a few pages their richness of the critical discussions on materialistic life.
Even the dictionary agrees that being materialistic is bad.
Instead of blaming their supposedly materialistic wives, erring police officers should own up to their corrupt ways just as the government should exert efforts to improve the criminal justice system, a psychiatrist said on Wednesday.
Body-swerve anyone who is demanding, moaning, negative, irritating, high-maintenance, gossipy, superficial, materialistic or shallow.
This research explores the relationship between CWB, materialism, and anti-consumption by: (1) examining the literature on anti-consumption, materialism, and CWB to ascertain the most prominent values by which anti-consumption and materialism differ, (2) developing a conceptual framework showing the antithetical relationship between materialistic and anti-consumption values, and (3) supporting the framework by online data collection and analysis.
The prevalent materialistic mindset is behind all the problems in this world.
In addition to these domain-specific values related to the environment, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that personal values may also play an important role in predicting individuals' environmental behaviors, with materialistic and postmaterialistic values having attracted recent research attention (Hurst et al.
Materialistic depression (Azibo, 1989, 2013, 2014; Black, Braithwaite, & Taylor, 1982) is a mental condition afflicting African-U.