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The view that seems to me to reconcile the materialistic tendency of psychology with the anti-materialistic tendency of physics is the view of William James and the American new realists, according to which the "stuff" of the world is neither mental nor material, but a "neutral stuff," out of which both are constructed.
Kanner and Kasser have edited a book on this theme titled Psychology and Consumer Culture: The Struggle for a Good Life in a Materialistic Society (2003, American Psychological Association).
Church officials believe that with all the selfishness in this modern, materialistic world, it is good to have examples of good Christianity.
He added that the arrogant system managing the world is the "biggest obstacle" to the global objectives of the Islamic Revolution and emphasized that "anti-human, materialistic and arrogant thoughts are presently losing momentum by God's grace and through resistance of the Iranian nation.
Excessive exposure makes a child materialistic, which in turn affects their relationship with their parents and their health.
BERTIE Ahern yesterday criticised Irish people for becoming selfish and materialistic.
The researchers' statistical analysis revealed that couples who said money was not important to them scored about 10 to 15 percent better on marriage stability and other measures of relationship quality than couples where one or both were materialistic.
In the best tradition of cultural history, Lendol Calder explores the fusion of materialistic and idealistic impulses within the much-heralded American Dream.
Through man's materialistic approach, nature is not seen as the creation of God, but rather as the container of resources necessary for our survival.
As O'Sullivan forged 5-3 ahead in his Liverpool Victoria UK championship semi-final against Stephen Lee at Preston yesterday, Doyle added: "He could have money falling out of his pockets but he's not materialistic.
Commissioner Junji Ito envisions the Japanese pavilion as an expression of ancient "suki" philosophy, which cultivates "cracks in the sense of value created through the crisis caused by depriving the subject of Its materialistic value.
But even the GenXer luxury consumers, who are at a more materialistic life stage and who spend proportionately more on luxury goods than boomers, also exhibit an equally strong passion for experiences.