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The initiatives materialized include development of responsive website and special portal for overseas students in both Urdu and English languages containing all essential information for their online educational support and establishment of customized Learning Management System (LMS).
The residential sector should see modest growth during 2010 - something that has not materialized since 2005.
1 : to appear suddenly <As soon as I arrived, my friends materialized.
The padded, pillowed, and otherwise materialized texts that make up part of or are strung along the border of many pieces--punning, bilingual, obliquely turning on the nominative--add to the carnival.
Rather, I would argue that sex was materialized through an array of features and prosthetic parts.
There has always been a degree of disconnect between recruiters and managers on who promised what to whom, but too many new hires have told me they took a particular job because of a promised mentoring program that never materialized.
The anticipated growth in Mexican consumers' appetite and purchasing power for American-made goods has not materialized.
While a clear sell signal has not materialized, we will monitor prices closely in the days ahead for an opportunity to enter short, initially targeting the previous swing bottom near 1.