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The partnership charter that has just been signed, materializes this joint work as well as the reciprocal commitments of the DGFiP and the 82 signatory publishers.
If the governments plan materializes, we expect these revenues around mid-2014 as the Minister of Finance assumes privatization starting around September this year and then expected to last 2-3 quarters.
Sources told that both Pakistan and India are attending the SCO meeting as observers and if the meeting materializes between the two arch nuclear rivals than it could lead to an important head way in breaking the ice.
When a menacing if puzzled Korean archer from the distant past suddenly materializes in Kevin's room in modern-day Dorchester, New York, the Korean American sixth-grader realizes that he must help the man get back to his own time.
Rupert Everett, once hyped as a likely James Bond or the star of a new "gay 007" movie series, materializes instead as Arthur Conan Doyle's mastermind amateur sleuth in Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking for Masterpiece Theatre.
Stone said that prospective buyers should understand that as rising demand materializes into more completed deals, the top vendors of BPO services will be focused on this newly acquired business.
Marvelous indeed, cautious but fearless, Los Angeles-based Brazilian artist Nicolau Vergueiro's lively and complex work literalizes and materializes his musical interests to the point where they become a nonthematic structural foundation.
If the aforementioned Daschle-Lott deal materializes, Stratton should be at CPSC by the time the Senate leaves town for its July 4th recess.