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MATERNITY. The state or condition of a mother.
     2. It is either legitimate or natural. The former is the condition of the mother who has given birth to legitimate children, while the latter is the condition of her who has given birth to illegitimate children. Maternity is always certain, while the paternity (q.v.) is only presumed.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"You keep thinking how many more scenarios can there be, but there is always a new one," says Matern. "There are endless possibilities that come up."
Well known spatial covariance functions are Matern, Exponential, Gaussian and Spherical.TheMatern covariance model takes the form
Commenting on the recent changes within the GFSI Board, current Chairman Jurgen Matern said: "GFSI's current momentum, particularly in new geographies, means that we must continue to increase awareness among key stakeholders in the global food industry of the benefits of the collaborative GFSI approach and the efficiencies for companies associated with accepting GFSI recognised schemes in their supply chains."
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Her symptoms occurred in winter, and this fits with known seasonal variation which may have a relationship to diet, and in particular, inadequate selenium intake (Lammert, Marschall, Glantz, & Matern, 2000).
Despite Baby Suggs's horror at Sethe's breastfeeding following the murder, the very fact that Beloved's blood was consumed through the revered matern al act indicates the sacredness of this ritual.16 Michelle Mock argues that Sethe's nursing of Denver is illustrative of what Paul D labels Sethe's "too thick" love: "Colostrum, thin, bluish love can sustain for a few days, but no longer.
Toyo Trading Co., designers and importers of decorative giftware and home accents, has moved from Los Angeles into larger headquarters, located at 10240 Matern Place, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.
A 2013 study estimated that reducing racial disparities in adverse pregnancy outcomes--preeclampsia, preterm birth, gestational diabetes mellitus, and fetal death/stillbirth--could generate health care cost savings of up to $214 million per year (Matern Child Health J.
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