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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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But complaints dwindled once Matern explained the ramifications of incorrect decisions, she says.
Adorno is mentioned in Hundejahre, when Matern scornfully attributes an interest in him to Liebenau (763).
owners Ted Matern and Alan Palmer have created a classic cheese and charcuterie shop that also features what amounts to an antipasto bar.
For instance, Emily Hamilton, MD, and her colleagues at PeriGen, a perinatal software company, found that only prolonged decelerations, in addition to the variability within the deceleration and a depth below 60 beats per minute for more than 60 seconds, could discriminate between cases of metabolic acidosis and those with normal umbilical artery gases (J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med.
We have found a small, independent producer who makes all our pates in his USDA-approved kitchen, and we blow through them," asserted Matern.
I matern foetal neonatal med: 20(3):221, March 2007.

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