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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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Regarding the pathogenesis of neonatal autoimmune diseases, it is thought that the transplacental maternal antibodies are involved.
Tdap may be administered any time during pregnancy, but vaccination during the third trimester would provide the highest concentration of maternal antibodies to be transferred closer to birth (4).
Inverse correlation between varicella severity and level of anti- Varicella Zoster Virus maternal antibodies in infants below one year of age.
Being exposed to other dogs, while being protected by maternal antibodies, is "nature's way of vaccination.
To investigate who long maternal antibodies to measles were present in infants, researchers conducted a prospective study involving 207 healthy women-infant pairs recruited from hospitals in Antwerp from April 2006 to November 2008.
The researchers found no significant impact of breastfeeding, birth weight, educational level, caesarean section or day care attendance on the duration of maternal antibodies.
The main objectives of this study were: (a) to identify HTLV-1/2 positive mothers by detecting maternal antibodies in blood samples taken from newborns in the Minas Gerais State; and (b) to determine if there is geographic overlapping between HTLV-1/2 seropositivity rates and several aggregatelevel indicators of social and economical position, using sub-areas of the state as the unit of analysis.
A case of a young infant treated with ART very early on who became HIV ELISA negative after losing her maternal antibodies.
Vaccination of pregnant women also is seen as a way to potentially protect infants who cannot be vaccinated, via transfer of maternal antibodies to newborns.
Disease in the offspring parallels the presence of maternal antibodies in the fetal and neonatal circulation and disappears, except for cardiac injury, with the clearance of these antibodies by the eighth month of postnatal life.
The factors that may have an impact on the efficacy of the vaccination on the farm include the appropriate vaccination time, the level of maternal antibodies, virulence of the vaccine virus and the route of administration [14, 20].

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