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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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The generalized linear model was used to examine the mean difference in maternal nutritional status in a categorical variable using one of the categories as the reference.
The factors found to be significantly associated with maternal nutritional status as measured by BMI in this study were; age, number of previous births, occupation, religion and income (p<0.
The IOM recommendations were based on the concept of a weight-gain range determined by pre-gestational BMI, taking into consideration selected prenatal aspects, maternal nutritional status, and pregnancy course (fetal growth, birth weight, and retained postpartum weight).
Based on these recommendations, several authors have concluded that gestational weight values can help predict birth conditions as well as optimal maternal nutritional status in the postpartum period (14, 33).
Effects of ethanol and maternal nutritional status on fetal development.
Lactational capacity of marginally nourished mothers: relationships between maternal nutritional status and quantity and proximate composition of milk.
These insights informed the motivation for this study which focused on contraceptive use and its relationship with completed fertility, parity progression and maternal nutritional status in Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa.
A growing body of literature has established the association between maternal nutritional status and adverse pregnancy outcomes (Luke 1994a, 1994b; Ramakrishnan et al.
5 [micro]g/ dL which would agree with the suggestion that because of the expansion of maternal plasma volume only haemoglobin levels below 10 [micro]g/dL are likely to reflect poor maternal nutritional status (36).
Improvement in maternal nutritional status and weight gain in pregnancy is associated with better pregnancy outcome.
Among the anthropometric measures of maternal nutritional status, variables measuring gain in weight and arm circumference were negatively related to NBPb.

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