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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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Liberal Individualism, Maternalism, and Labor Reform in the Progressive Era and New Deal B.
46) Christy Glass and Eva Fodor, "Public Maternalism Goes to Market: Recruitment, Hiring, and Promotion in Postsocialist Hungary," Gender & Society 25, no.
More specifically, and as further explicated below, both middle- and working-class organizations drew on an understanding of maternalism that was relatively devoid of references to economic interests and needs, especially as they pertained to working mothers.
Cases of maternalism are studied from an array of times and places, including neo-liberal Latin America, the USA in the period between the World Wars, Soviet Ukraine, and Fascist Italy.
protective maternalism just as her own mother succumbs to typhoid.
Her call to reconsider using paternalism in social policy might even be better heard as an argument for a political maternalism in which social realities truly reflect the liberal democratic ideals based on compassion and understanding by those in the position of power.
This Catholic paternalism or maternalism dating to the Spanish era converged with new American indenture laws in the 1850s and 1860s that codified into law the inability of Indians to exercise freedom of movement or independence.
Orloff, From Maternalism to "Employment for All": State Policies to Promote Women's Employment Across the Affluent Democracies, in THE STATE AFTER STATISM 230, 255 (Jonah D.
Putting children first: Women, maternalism, and welfare in the early twentieth century.
While many see this as modernization, and associated with emancipatory potential, some of the other trends often go unnoticed: We see a decline of maternalist values, and while this has a gender egalitarian promise and therefore receives not much criticism, to the extent that maternalism entailed an obligation of the state vis-a-vis mothers, the retreat from maternalism is just that: retreat - state withdrawal from public responsibilities.
Therefore, the "responsibility" of a teacher that Lena emphasized was not gender-neutral, but based on the idea that maternalism is required from a woman teacher.
Whereas in Lebanese culture maternalism (and paternalism) mandates a high degree of both inclusion and protection, half of the Lebanese employers we interviewed circumscribed the space available in their homes for domestic workers," Abdulrahim added, noting that 43 percent of employers forbade their employees from eating at the same table or from entering the living room while guests were over.

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