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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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The solution to the dearth of authority is not more authoritarian policies in the nation-state, not more right-wing paternalism or left-wing maternalism.
In fact, the two arguments differed little, although Lemire stressed religious values while Pinard emphasized a secular maternalism redolent with the values of enlightened Republicanism: "She must make civilization follow from barbarism, the savage state.
In the twenty-first century, a new form of maternalism has emerged that reinforces gender inequality even as it calls for public entitlements related to mothering.
Discourses of maternalism sustained notions that mothers should care for their children at home in unpaid employment (Ailwood, 2008) while child care as a right for women's workforce participation was defended through feminist discourses (Brennan, 1998).
Frein Maternalism te 'Employment for All': State Policies te Promote Women's Employment across Affluent Democracies.
Although there was nothing inherently conservative about their postwar maternalism, the ways in which clubwomen used maternalism to gird their private authority often held anti-statist undertones.
This was a project that owed more to a different brand of middle-class maternalism, not feminist, that little understood the circumstances that drove mothers into the workforce, and had no sympathy at all for those who chose to work.
For example, she documents in convincing detail how the work of Elizabeth Fry Societies in Canada helped wed maternalism to rehabilitation and therapeutic approaches during the mid-20th century; and she surmises that, in the absence of formal "scientific" programming at P4W, prison staff probably combined common sense with their own stock of "expert" knowledges, to effect "habit training" among women prisoners (p.
Contextualized in the Third World, this paper examines maternalism both as a complex, hierarchical system that governs the employment arrangement and as a field of negotiation where women exercise agency.
Ms Polledri, the author of Psychopathology, said, ``I accept that this is child abuse but it is also a severe disturbance in maternalism.
However, the majority of these feisty women, some of whom conducted their own cases, defended their actions not with reference to the narrow parameters set by wartime notions about maternalism but by drawing upon well established broader liberal arguments about justice and equality.
But maternalism stopped short at racial boundaries when the white mothers vigorously denounced the Mexican women as inadequate mothers, by any standards of decency.

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