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noun approach, arrangement, assertion, assumption, bid, condicio, conjecture, course of action, declared intention, design, formulated intention, hypothesis, idea, offer, overture, plan, position, postulate, premise, presentation, program of action, project, proposal, propositio, prospectus, provisional hypothesis, resolution, rogatio, scheme, strategy, submission, suggestion, supposition, tender, tentative approach, tentaaive statement, terms proposed, theory, thesis
See also: advice, affair, affirmance, agenda, application, argument, assertion, basis, bid, business, campaign, claim, clause, contention, invitation, issue, matter, matter in dispute, measure, motion, overture, plan, platform, policy, principle, project, proposal, question, rationale, recommendation, resolution, strategy, subject, suggestion, theory, thesis, ultimatum

PROPOSITION. An offer to do something. Until it has been accepted, a proposition may be withdrawn by the party who makes it; and to be binding, the acceptance must be in the same terms, without any variation. Vide Acceptance; Offer; To retract; and 1 L. R. 190; 4 L. R. 80.

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This identification between the construction required by a mathematical statement and the (constructive) proof of the same statement is wrong, as I show in my paper (2000).
From a realist perspective, mathematical statements can be regarded as objectively true if there are some mathematical posits that make them true.
What's particularly nice about this chapter is the way that Pincock pulls apart two different forms of the indispensability argument: a version that concludes in favour of realism about the truth-value of mathematical statements, and a version that concludes in favour of the existence of mathematical objects.
Such mathematical statements can never approach the reality of aesthetic experience, and the attempt to offer them as an explanation for that phenomenon would be recognizable by all minimally rational persons as inane.
What computers can do is think in code, a series of simple, mathematical statements.
He introduces the foundations of mathematics as conceptualized by Russell and Whitehead, Hilbert, and Bourbaki: the tools for mathematical reasoning, a formal methodology, and the interplay between the written structures of mathematical statements and their meaning.
It should be noted that Quantitative Trading Systems focuses expressly upon trading strategies that derive from unambiguous mathematical statements, not any system that relies on subjective judgments (i.
This paper argues for the assimilation of this thesis to Wittgenstein's "no-conjecture thesis" concerning mathematical statements.
It is true that physicists are often sloppy with mathematical formulations and usage of language, but it is also true that mathematicians often read physics papers superficially and see misconceptions, "errors", erroneous mathematical statements, etc.
Algebra and calculus students have difficulties to express themselves in a statement of mathematical symbols and to comment on written mathematical statements to end with equivalent mathematical symbols statement.
Gordon (1955) that complex mathematical statements are less operational than other economic statements.

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