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Prominent possibilities for indirect mate choice include (1) advertisement of copulation or fertility, (2) evasive behavior when approached by the opposite sex, (3) aggregation with other individuals prepared to mate, (4) synchronization with other individuals prepared to mate, and (5) mating at pre-determined locations.
The researchers could describe with mathematical precision how this switch works to drive the mating decision.
MATE THIS Some of the mating habits of simultaneous hermaphrodites can be difficult for humans to understand.
When Florida's panther population plummeted to fewer than 30 during the 1980s, the animals began inbreeding, mating among direct relatives who share remarkably similar gene sets.
Genetic analysis of intraspecific variation in female mating discrimination favoring particular male signals is critical to understanding the evolution of premating isolating mechanisms.
The large overall difference between men's and women's mate preferences tells us that the sexes must have experienced dramatically different challenges in the mating domain throughout human evolution," explains lead author and graduate researcher Daniel Conroy-Beam.
Such important abiotic affect of mating environment suggests the possibilities for higher mating tendency needed for their commercial breeding programs.
Male insects often have several mating strategies to maximize reproductive fitness and one measure of their reproductive success is related to the number of mates (Thornhill & Alcock 1983; Arnold & Duvall 1994).