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Mating systems and territory in lapwings Vanellus vanellus.
The most likely reason for the changes in mating behaviour is that males put more effort into mating when they expect to face competition and when there is a high chance that their mate will mate again with another male.
The total number of eggs laid during the experimental period was greatest in the treatment with 3 mates (104 eggs), followed by 2 mates (75 eggs), single mate--single mating (60 eggs) and single mate--multiple matings (56 eggs) (Fig.
Chase and his McGill colleague Kristin Vaga reported in the April Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology that they haven't found clear behavioral signs of conflict, such as avoidance, in the mating of garden snails.
To determine if females mate more than once, and to what degree copulation influences subsequent female mating, a multiple mating experiment was conducted.
Mating frequency of ECTROPIS OBLIQUE and its effect on female and male longevity.
This mating decision is controlled by a simple chemical switch that converts an incoming pheromone signal into a cellular response," Nature quoted senior author Stephen Michnick, as saying.
As Wright explained the mating habits of animals on her tour, two docents at separate times walked up to her and announced an ostrich and a ground horn bill had flirted with them.
Nor were the changes seen after mating in a non- monogamous vole species, which does not form pair bonds and has a different pattern of brain AVP circuitry.
National Pest Management Association Goes Behind Closed Doors on Pest Mating Habits
Mating procedures in Cryptococcus neoformans (Filobasidiella neoformans).
Dr Travis How and Dr Michael Butt, of Hinders University, say that sleepy lizards, large herbivorous skinks of semi-arid Lands, form monogamous pairs each spring that last six to eight weeks before mating.