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Effect of sub lethal doses of gamma radiation on the mating ability and spermatophore transfer of Ephestia cautella.
However, there is no obvious benefit (selection pressure) favoring delayed change of a MP to a FP (a) whose male mating ability is equal to that of MPs, large and small, and (b) whose reproduction as a female is not only assured but, given spawning every 2 weeks, would be more productive if change to FP occurred as early in life as morphologically and physiologically possible.
The two types of males may vary in their locomotory skills, but this seems unlikely and in any event it does not appear to affect courtship activity or mating ability.
melanogaster males representing 160 heterozygous genotypes and 40 homozygous genotypes were assayed (3580 males were assayed for competitive mating ability at 3 d of age, 3510 for mating ability at 21 d of age, 6876 were used for the longevity assays, 3017 for body-mass measurements, and 546 for fertility assays).
Since mass rearing radically alters selection pressure and may cause changes in mating ability or mating effectiveness in some Diptera (Bush et al.
Further hypotheses in models 2 and 3 allow a test of the null hypothesis of no differences in mating ability among genotypes, that is, no sexual selection.