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Mating behavior was seen to begin after ~20 min in previous experiments (Ludwig and Walsh, 2008).
For observation of courtship and mating behavior, the activities of each individual or pair were directly observed in clean and numbered Petri dish for 30 min every 2 h for 1 daytime for examination of elements of courtship behavior, or 3 consecutive days for determination of rhythm of courtship and mating behavior.
With the aim to contribute to this knowledge, we conducted studies on the biological aspects and mating behavior of L.
So, in light of the variations in onset times of mating between the laboratory and field cage, it could be inferred that light spectrum may have an ontogenetic effect on mating behavior of the moths from different origins.
Little is known about the mating behavior or mating season of beluga whales in the wild.
Limbaugh (1962) previously described the nesting habitat for the temperate marine tubesnout, Aulorhynchus flavidus (Gill), but male mating behavior has not been characterized.
To learn more, the researchers observed the mating behavior of all four species to find that the penis-like structure, termed the gynosome, is inserted into males and used to receive generous capsules of nourishment and sperm.
The topics include the large-scale influence of climate on sexually selected traits, the macroecology of harvestman mating systems, insights from a clade of neotropical fishes on underestimating the role of female preference and sexual conflict in the evolution of alternative reproductive techniques (ART) in fishes, lessons from neotropical songbirds on sexual selection and the evolution of vocal mating signals, a case study from a neotropical lek-breeding bird showing impacts of mating behavior on plant-animal seed dispersal mutualisms, and sexual selection in neotropical bats.
Despite the short time period that leks are used by both sexes, they are a focal point for breeding and comprise a unique mating behavior.