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As she said herself, she was savage in everything except mating, and then she wanted her own kind.
Fifteen control males or 15 treated males along with 15 females were placed in individual plexiglass cages 2 h before sunset, and matings were counted 30 min after sunset.
Based on behavioral studies, only a few males are thought to obtain the majority of matings on a lek in a given breeding season (Scott 1942; Wiley 1973, 1978; Gibson and others 1991).
Meanwhile those which had been kept on their own continued to mate into old age, accumulating more matings overall," she explained.
A total of 39 successful matings and 4 aborted copulations were recorded (all or in part) over the 2-season course of the investigation.
Adult males appear to require, at minimum, a reproductive recuperation period of 24 h suggesting that sperm and/or male matings are more expensive than the traditional view still dominating the literature.
In this study, we used controlled matings and behavioral observations to determine whether mating preferences exist during multiple mating in Aplysia californica.
In all successful matings, over both male and female treatments, virgins were chosen over nonvirgins, despite their smaller size.
These and other hermaphroditic matings that look like maulings have inspired many scientific publications in recent years.
Even females that mated with one male for less than 10 seconds produced clutches with hatching rates no different than treatments with two matings.
In a competitive setting in the laboratory, brachypterous males exhibited a threefold mating advantage over macropterous males; they obtained 77% of the matings with brachypterous females.