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For each species, the test was performed with mean numbers of matings for the different male age-chemical treatment combinations (following Daniel 1990; test statistic [chi square] with df = 1).
Washington, Sep 1 (ANI): In a study on bonobos, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have found that the presence of mothers enhances the mating success of their sons and thereby causes mating to be more evenly distributed among the males
However, Frey also noticed that after a day when the colony he was tracking had been particularly busy mating, the percentage of males going out for a drink rose.
If, on the other hand, a male puts few resources into each mating he will secure less paternity per mating, but will be able to carry out more matings overall.
In the first experiment, tsl males exposed to 00 obtained a significantly greater proportion of the total matings per replicate than control tsl males (t = 5.
Females prevented from mating until after their optimal age for a first clutch courted for considerably less time than did their counterparts that mated earlier.
he promiscuous nature of commonly monogamous female birds has puzzled researchers, but studies had earlier showed that the offspring of these so-called extra-pair matings were bigger, had better immune response, and were more likely to survive.
To obtain initial matings, we placed approximately 50 males and 50 females (all 18-23 d-old virgins) in plexiglass cages (30 x 30 x 40 cm) in the afternoon (1400-1600 h).
Each of the 4 combinations (Lab-GSS [male] X Lab-GSS [female], Lab-Bisex [male] X Lab-GSS [female], Lab-GSS [male] X Lab-Bisex [female], and Lab-Bisex [male] X Lab-Bisex [female]) of matings was carried out simultaneously at 1 replicate per day for a total of 4 replicates.
The research revealed how fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) that are subjected to continual competition from mating rivals, mate for longer and produce more offspring in early life.
After the spiders developed, the scientists observed real matings.
A total of 39 successful matings and 4 aborted copulations were recorded (all or in part) over the 2-season course of the investigation.