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medical school matriculants were Hispanic, whereas Hispanics were 16.
We count students as college matriculants if they enrolled in college by October 1 of the fifth year after starting high school.
And, African American matriculants to medical schools still represent the smallest of any racial and/or ethnic group.
Table 9 illustrates the 2000-2009 data on law school matriculants, by select racial and ethnic groups.
In 2011, women represented 50% of medical school matriculants (AAMC, 2011).
While in 1986 the total number of matriculants taking a second languages [sic] was 44 per cent .
Approximately 16 percent of the applicants and 19 percent of the matriculants in recent classes chose not to submit scores during the admissions process (Bowdoin College 2010).
The perpetrators of Project Mayhem were among the first group of matriculants to write the new National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations, making them the first South Africans to pass through the new Outcomes Based Education system, a product of the first democratic education system in South Africa.
The compilation, evaluation and preliminary application of a value questionnaire for matriculants.
In the immediate postwar period a pool of talented students recruited through war service schemes and from younger matriculants made their mark as original researchers in academia and in the public service.