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Michael Hamman, matriculated from Brackenfell High School
3) 100% disabled veterans--including those rated 100% due to unemployability--their spouses and dependent children ages 10-18 (23 or matriculated in post high-school educational program)
Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden's second in command, matriculated through the ranks of the Brotherhood and joined forces with Al Qaeda in the late 1980s.
As Darlington (1998) and Cornell (1998) point out, validation studies use data on students who have matriculated at a particular institution.
While it is patently obvious that precious few of health care CEOs are physicians, there is absolutely no reason that those that have not matriculated and graduated from a medical school are somehow better qualified for the top dog position.
As a result, affirmative action extended its outreach to Latinos, Asians, and American Indians, and a generation of students have been admitted, enrolled, and matriculated at universities nationwide.
The number of students who actually matriculated at Paris or other universities was considerably lower.
One of our goals is to encourage feedback from the deployed air wings who matriculated here.
Day, evening, and Sunday sessions are available for matriculated and non-matriculated students.
The Bureau of Business Research and The McCombs School will host this one-day event for matriculated and prospective MBA students on Friday, February 15, 2002.
Sinedu Tadesse was clearly a troubled young woman when she matriculated to Harvard from an elite private school in Ethiopia.
Corrective maintenance service industrial washing machine brand model renzacci lx55, matriculated 13901-2005 consistent in changing bearings, seals, retaining, belts and accessories needed for qualification of rotation of the basket