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Among the 544 students who matriculated to college, 338 of those students are the first person in their families to attend college.
This year 100% of matriculated students surveyed school-wide indicated that they feel like the faculty really care about them.
To qualify for the dean's list in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, one must be a matriculated full-time student and earn a semester grade point average of 3.
Student membership is open to fully matriculated students in a scientific program at recognized colleges and universities.
If Ed Excel boss Jerry Jarvis or any other ALevel examiner still refuses to believe the truth, then they urgently need to get out more and listen to university admissions tutors, who rightly complain about the poor standards of numeracy and literacy of many undergraduates who have supposedly matriculated.
Franklin matriculated at Fisk University, where he encountered Professor Ted Currier who inspired him and prepared him well to study history.
Obviously neither the Army commanders nor any of the politicians have matriculated in history.
Enrolled in guitar lessons at age 5 by her music-loving father, King was determined to make music her life by the time she matriculated at New York University.
It states that all registered and matriculated female graduate students who are pregnant or have recently given birth:
I then matriculated at Georgia Tech, played both sports, graduated in 1942, and went straight into the Navy.
At first they seem mismatched collaborators: Oscar ``The Golden Boy'' De La Hoya, who matriculated at the School of Hard Knocks, and John L.
Among the alumni who matriculated under Lawson's tenure are Jamie Bishton of Jamie Bishton/Dance (and a former Twyla Tharp dancer), and Diavolo Dance Theater's Jacques Heim, as well as many who ventured into dance-related fields such as lighting and costume design, and digital videography.