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Matriculating students are a subpopulation of the group of potential students that have passed through an admissions filter and have then chosen to attend the institution.
The acceptance and rejection decisions on the part of the ith institution and the applicants make the subpopulation of matriculating students a truncated multivariate normal with truncation rule,
The problem of ill-prepared matriculating students, about which Novitskii had complained in 1923, continued to plague the institute.
For' instance, no data are available about the Party stazh of matriculating students.
Retention rates for matriculating students continue to rise as the program responds to the students' needs and goals.
When I was matriculating through the public school system, Marcus Garvey was not a man whose name came up in civics classes - we were lucky to hear Martin Luther King Jr.
After matriculating at Bristol University, he began working at the British Film Institute, graduating from the master's program.
MOJAVE - Armed with a $300,000, five-year grant, Mojave High School officials are trying a multipronged approach to boost the number of students matriculating to four-year colleges.
Admissions are very selective, with only 40% of freshmen accepted in fall 1996 and an average 27% matriculating.
Buffy'' calms down - just a tad - from its wild season finale, finding the Slayer and her pals Willow (``American Pie'' flutist Alyson Hannigan) and Oz (Seth Green) matriculating at the University of California, Sunnydale.
Avery played at Westside as a junior, then spent one season at famed Oak Hill Academy before matriculating to Duke.
The daughter of a Manhattan stockbroker, she fell in love with Latin and Greek during her prep-school years before matriculating to Wellesley, from which she graduated summa cum laude in 1957.