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Before the new policy, it was compulsory to have an Intermediate science background and matriculation from Karachi.
The title and content of this yearae1/4aos exam was changed from the traditional decades-old ae1/4oetawjihiae1/4Ci system to the new ae1/4oeinjazae1/4Ci general matriculation exam.
Nattraja Matriculation Higher Secondary School took out a rally and covered various streets of Bhavani and Kumarapalayam.
Among the details of the report, the ministry reported the students who passed the "bagrut" high school matriculation exams, which are necessary in order to move on to higher education.
According to MQM Rabita Committee, Matriculation Board announced the schedule of late fee without deeming the problems of students and school administration and stated that people have made educational boards as a source of income by working irresponsibly.
Chairman of the secondary school board Fasihuddin told the media that five colleges were also designated as examination centres in addition to the Karachi Central Prison, where inmates were sitting for the matriculation exam.
If the superior judiciary of this country can believe the matriculation certificate, and say a rapist and a murderer is a juvenile.
Just after the Indian community had expressed displeasure on only 892 Indian students being offered matriculation seats out of the 6,000 applied, the education department has announced that all the 1,500 seats allotted for the minority will be filled up.
5 lakh students who registered for the matriculation exam this year, only 35 lakh appeared in all the papers.
High school seniors in the region were taking their second matriculation exam after the initial postponement from May 22, when the first quake with a 5.
Once such body was the Joint Matriculation Board fostered by the universities of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham.
10 -- Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Chairman Akram Kashmiri, on Monday, removed from office Public Relation Officer Qaiser Virk on mismanagement at the matriculation prize distribution ceremony.