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Another factor contributing to conflicts of interest in Ghanaian households is that ties of lineage are often stronger than conjugal ties in all ethnic groups in Ghana, patrilinear or matrilinear (Lloyd and Brandon 1993).
We confess we were thrilled at the June cover's promise of a matrilinear millennium.
Roche's witty reflections on Milton's 'reading' of Spenser's matrilinear genealogy of evil, with which the book begins, John Creaser's masterly assessment of Milton's complex relationship to Jonson, and Steven Zwicker's provocative study of Milton's reaction to Dryden's heroic dramas are all important and original contributions to our understanding of seventeenth-century literary culture.
Behind this hermetic poem lies a resolute (post)feminist will to trace beginnings back to a cosmic matrilinear society that failed to name man; hence the "his-story" of the universe.
In the bodily maternal language, what Elisabetta Rasy calls "la lingua della nutrice"--for Ada Negri's oeuvre is stamped with a matriarchal and matrilinear matrix--purity, harmony, and passion flow from one body to the other, and possession and bodily boundaries are overcome even as personal possessive pronouns shift so much as to become meaningless in their attribution of specific properties.
names Phillis Wheatley the symbolic mother of the black female literary tradition and suggests that "all subsequent black writers have evolved in a matrilinear line of descent.
Decadent and defeated by the end of The King Must Die, matrilinear, mother-god worshipping Crete nonetheless maintains its hold on the former bull-dancers, who have been "rescued" from a place whose loss they mourn.
While the clash between chivalric and matrilinear value systems indisputably sustains rhe novel, a temporal dialogue between two remote but kindred time periods also takes place.
That in Renee's case the maternal is the site of displacement--some would say disavowal--adds complexity to the questioning of identity through the matrilinear in Te Pouaka Karaehe and also in the one-act Touch of the Sun (25) which premiered under Renee's direction at Dunedin's Globe early in 1991, and has subsequently been done at the Mercury and at Taki Rua.
In the discussion of incest, she gives less weight than I should to Margaret Schlauch's Chaucer's Constance and Accused Queens (1927), which links plots of this kind to matrilinear succession in primitive societies.
Th language of the play therefore manages to deflect all matrilinear contingencies from the English onto the French: apparently only the French, not the English, claim their rule through the female, reversing what ought to be the two countries' historical positions on Salic law.