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MATRIMONY. See Marriage.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In short, Harrington makes a compelling argument that continuity exceeded change in marriage and its control in Reformation Germany and that Catholics and Protestants differed little in their doctrines and laws on matrimony and their enforcement of sexual morality.
It has consistently topped traffic and usage ratings by ranking agencies and has been rated as the most visited matrimony portal in the world.
For women who have been concerned that their phone numbers are easily accessible on the matrimony platform can now breathe easily.
In addition, nearly 67% of the respondents also believed that online matrimony empowered women to make their own choices in marriages.
Wedviser is in the advanced level of discussions with several urban, social and religious communities as well as media platforms to launch their mobile matrimony apps within the next 3 month's timeframe.
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In addition, vows made for religious life are different from Matrimony and Holy Orders.
This woman's desperate lies had one purpose: to stoke the fear that strikes some straight people at the prospect of losing their unique access to civil matrimony. Forget about moral decay and Leviticus and AIDS and "natural order" and the ick factor; those are just excuses.
The volume includes substantial excerpts from The Institution of Marriage, In Praise of Matrimony, On Disdaining the World, and The Christian Widow.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 30 (ANI): A Bharat Matrimony matchmaking survey was conducted to find out 'What girls expect from a life partner'.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, March 21 -- BharatMatrimony, India's largest matrimony website, kicked off the Matrimony Day celebrations this year, with an All India Signature Campaign - Matrimony Day "XPRESS" flagged off by Mrs.
If that were the case, matrimony would be reduced to a factual integration of persons and their characteristics, and its duration would also depend only on the existence of a no better determined interpersonal affection.