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MATRON. A married woman, generally an elderly married woman.
     2. By the laws of England, when a widow feigns herself with child, in order to exclude the next heir, and a suppositious birth is expected, then, upon the writ de ventre inspiciendo, a jury of women is to be, impanelled to try the question, whether with child or not. Cro, Eliz. 566. So when a woman was sentenced to death, and she declared herself to be quick with child, a jury of matrons is impanelled to try whether she be or be not with child. 4 Bl. Com. 395. See Pregnancy; Quick with child.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I'm still trying to find my way between matronly and coltishness," she added.
Ms Rai Bachchan looked too happily married -- and a tad matronly -- at a promotion of the Dolce Vita steel and gold collection of the Swiss luxury watchmaker Longines.
The grandmotherly figure starred on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Golden Girls," and in recent years has seen her celebrity grow ever higher by contrasting her sweet, matronly image with a sometimes foul mouth.
The creation of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, Repliee Q2--a comely, though somewhat matronly looking, robot with straight brown hair and a slim figure--is essentially an upgraded version of its predecessor, Repliee Q1.
Fortunately, the Brands' respective Wikipedia entries clear the matter up in a nononsense, matronly fashion.
YOU have to hand it to matronly white-haired European Union (EU) agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel.
Eminently feminine, the hand-embroidered dress was a confident departure from the relatively matronly skirt suits of Oscar de la Renta and other tried-and-true design houses that have epitomized first lady attire for years.
James Clyde's Friar Laurence is much younger than usual, with nothing of the dodderer about him, while Julie Legrand's Nurse is sharply-etched and abrasive rather than matronly. And of course Gyuri Rossi relishes the play's most engaging but frustratingly truncated role, Mercutio.
I regularly attend seminars, conferences and other L&D industry events, and never fail to be amazed at the number of women I see there who are either matronly exponents of the elasticated waistband or young blondes who appear to have popped in on the way to a nightclub.
The story itself is strikingly similar to Fern Gully (1992, animated), with a dark force trying to destroy fairy woods and a magical matronly figure intervening, but Taylor improves on the story so substantially that even jaded fantasy readers will find this to be a satisfying breath of fresh air.
Like other companion volumes in the "Mama's Kitchen" series, The Greek Mama's Kitchen: Authentic Homestyle Recipes presents classic family recipes handed down through generations along with anecdotes of matronly cooking wisdom, such as "Kitchen life is controlled by the seasons--create dishes from whatever vegetables are available that day" and "For that sweet, mellow flavor of the best pepper salads, you need to first roast (or scorch) the peppers." Recipes such as Fried Cheese, Roast Quail in Grape Leaves, Vanilla Custard Pies and many more capture the essence of traditional flavors, and are presented with extensive, explicit instructions along with a introduction to the nature of the dish and when is best to serve it.
The matronly woman next to me, outfitted in pearls and a proper bourgeois dress, shouted "Stupid!" and "Thick!" amid a chorus of whistling and laughter as the words SAVE OUR SOULS were spelled out in white rags like monumental hankies affixed to the back wall of the stage.