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MATRON. A married woman, generally an elderly married woman.
     2. By the laws of England, when a widow feigns herself with child, in order to exclude the next heir, and a suppositious birth is expected, then, upon the writ de ventre inspiciendo, a jury of women is to be, impanelled to try the question, whether with child or not. Cro, Eliz. 566. So when a woman was sentenced to death, and she declared herself to be quick with child, a jury of matrons is impanelled to try whether she be or be not with child. 4 Bl. Com. 395. See Pregnancy; Quick with child.

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Then there are the dynamic duo, shrewish Scot Aggie MacKenzie, and matronly housekeeper Kim Woodburn, who overact with great aplomb at the dirt, mould and insect infestations, give the offenders a good telling off, then roll their sleeves up (Kim dons her featherdecorated rubber gloves), and they scrub the place from top to bottom.
THE tasteless print on this one-piece makes Kelly Brook, 29, look rather matronly.
Alan Cumming and Forbes Masson (of Victor and Barry fame, nostalgia fans) are in great camp form, while Siobhan Redmond is hilarious as the matronly head stewardess of the fictional Scottish airline, Air Scotia.
I know I've got a topheavy frame, I know not to wear all black and I don't wear polo-neck jumpers as they make me look matronly - so what else can be done?
JUST like you darling," she exclaims to the quiet journo, throwing a matronly arm around the young hack.
The matronly woman next to me, outfitted in pearls and a proper bourgeois dress, shouted "Stupid
Angela Lansbury gave the character the right combination of understated toughness and matronly warmth.
Veronica Roberts is great as the forceful, matronly, bossy boots daughter Nancy and Ian Shaw is so convincing as the grabbing, selfish son Noel.
But I do find her new, matronly incarnation more repugnant than anything that has gone before.
The giggles and titters have already started over the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, as matronly Anne Diamond takes in a caseful of clean knickers and Les Dennis breaks down in tears leaving Amanda Holden.
She has acquired the nickname St Delia over the years for her matronly image and straightforward approach to cooking, but there's nothing bland about the real Delia Smith.
It's an impressive, if ramshackle, mansion staffed by sophisticated butler Jean (Didier Flamand), surly handyman Pierre (Phillipe Nahon), matronly housekeeper Sabine (Maria Verdi) and, most intriguing, soulful young maid and single mother Isabelle (Sylvie Testud, who received great notices for the recent ``Murderous Maids'').