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Bukawai saw them go, and he mumbled through his rotting face, swearing a great oath that he would yet have the three fat goats, the new sleeping mat, and the bit of copper wire.
The latest addition to the Urinal Floor Mats range has been designed with a range of features aimed at tackling common challenges faced when maintaining hygiene in a public lavatory space.
The Mat Arm features interchangeable tips, which are available to handle 3-, 4- or 5-foot mats up to 40-feet long and 12-inches thick.
The mats, which are made in Canada, are sold across 35 countries and Dubai will be the first country where the mats will be retailed at outlets.
The Bahr Al Noor prayer concept, as she calls it, has become a runaway hit among residents who have long been looking for mats that are out of the ordinary.
Despite their positive attributes, floor mats can also present a tripping hazard if improperly chosen, installed and maintained.
There is tremendous room for growth," said Dan Bouzide, chief executive officer, Wellness Mat, which uses a proprietary polyurethane for its kitchen mats.
Calorie count: Short mat bowls is unlikely to burn up masses of calories but will aid joint flexibility and concentration.
Even the mats themselves fell into two standards: hooky mats tended to be for best and proggy mats were more hard wearing so were used more for every day.
GoodNites Bed Mats make it easier for parents and children may feel empowered and confident with a new way to manage bedwetting.