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These individuals now provided us with fresh mats to lie upon, covered us with several folds of tappa, and then extinguishing the tapers that had been burning, threw themselves down beside us, and after a little desultory conversation were soon sound asleep.
It had only one room and no furniture except beds of clean straw and a few mats of woven grasses; but our travelers were contented with these simple things because they realized it was the best the Donkey-King had to offer them.
If I had had the luck to meet with such a wife as Mat found
And Mat blows away at his bassoon, and you're respectable civilians one and all," says Mr.
Each of them held on her knee a section of a great needlework tapestry, on which they were working in company, while one end of it lay upon the rush mat which covered the floor.
Bashti sighed wearily, and wearily wrapped the heads in their grass- mat coverings--all but Van Horn's; and hoisted them up in the air to hang from the roof-beams--to hang as he debated, long after he was dead and out if it, even as some of them had so hung from long before his father's and his grandfather's time.
Five goats and a new sleeping mat are scarce enough in exchange for Bukawai's medicine.
He stuck for the five goats and the sleeping mat for a matter of half an hour, while the hyenas sniffed and growled and laughed hideously.
Bring with you the three fat goats, the new sleeping mat, and the piece of copper wire the length of a large man's forearm.
I will make no medicine," he said, "until I have the goats and the mat and the copper wire.
The floor--for though the laboratory and the vestibule were tiled, The Yellow Room had a flooring of wood--was covered with a single yellow mat which was large enough to cover nearly the whole room, under the bed and under the dressing-table--the only piece of furniture that remained upright.
The mat here has been moved out of place,--who did it?