matter of concern

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"What ye may want, sir, is a matter of concern to nobody but yoursel'," returned the captain; "but I can tell ye that which is to be.
Summary: The untold misery that befell about half the population of India due to the heavy rains is definitely a matter of concern. Though the govern...
The notice also said that it is a matter of concern that within a day of Sartaj brutally murdered, a local leader of ANP, Abdullah Yousafzai, his son and brother was fired upon by unknown assailants.
Summary: Manchester [UK], June 26 (ANI): As India's middle order is being immensely criticised for their sluggish performance against Afghanistan; India bowling coach Bharat Arun said that it is not a matter of concern as they batted according to the situation.
Recent killings have become a matter of concern for all of us.
This is a matter of concern and I humbly request concerned authorities including local police and district administration to act against dowry.
They said that the literacy rate in our country is declining which is the matter of concern for all.
The Senate is fully empowered under the Constitution to deliberate on any matter of concern. Allegations to the effect that the Senate and its committees have overstepped their mandate on various matters of concern do not find support in the Constitution, Mr Murkomen said.
Senator Sherry Rehman said, 'Some religious political parties have been allowed to contest elections by removing their names from the Fourth Schedule, which is a matter of concern, and we want to know why all of this is happening.'
"This is a matter of concern for the citizens, given our past, and they need to explain the reasons for purchasing such a large amount of automatic rifles, and we will ask if all this has been done in line with the standards prescribed in BiH," ZvizdiA added.
Cruelty with Zainab in Kasur is a matter of concern for the whole nation and every person should fulfill its social responsibility to curb such happenings in future.
'Instead of protector of human rights in the country, the N-League government is violating it and it is a matter of concern for everyone,' he added.