matter of course

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Doggy bags are now an institution in the United States and if there is a sizeable amount left over, the waiter or waitress will ask, as a matter of course, if you want to take it with you.
Maybe women should just take it as a matter of course to be on the safe side.
COUNCILLORS last night voted to delay a decision to allow the use of social media at council meetings as a matter of course.
In baseball, players' wages are published as a matter of course.
Master Sun said "Be trustworthy as a matter of course.
COMMENABLE and charitable it may be, but I consider 'Children in Need' should not be necessary as a charity, but should be accounted for as a matter of course considering the amount of revenue generated by taxes, stealth or otherwise.
Prog-rock and metal bands these days reach for classical and operatic themes almost as a matter of course, but only a few of them pull it off.
The incident is being vestigated by the force's rofessional Standards epartment and will be eferred to the dependent Police omplaints Commission as matter of course.
With the upcoming election, can we raise the curtains for the ''2009 political system'' by making politics open to changes of government as a matter of course and finally putting an end to the 1955 system under which the LDP was effectively the only party capable of governing the nation?
All these players are robbed as a matter of course by this club," Lotito said.
In principle, I would have thought that customers would be entitled to a paper bill as a matter of course and without any supplementary payment, which would tend to discriminate against poorer folk and older folk since arguably nearly every Tom, Dick and Harry in the younger age group is on the web now.