matter of importance

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"You seem to come on a matter of importance," said he to Raoul, after he had embraced him, pointing to a seat.
Willoughby's opinion in almost every matter of importance. You know what he thinks of Cowper and Scott; you are certain of his estimating their beauties as he ought, and you have received every assurance of his admiring Pope no more than is proper.
I may tell thee, Teresa, I mean thee to go in a coach, for that is a matter of importance, because every other way of going is going on all-fours.
I would then defer my ramble, or confine myself for that day to the park and gardens, or, if the proposed excursion was a matter of importance, such as a visit to the sick or afflicted, I would take Rachel with me, and then I was never molested.
And as we are drinking it, I'll talk to you about a matter of importance."
It was a society in which familiarity reigned and in which people were liable to meet three times a day, so that their ultimate essence really became a matter of importance.
'That's why we would like, as a matter of importance, to discuss how we share the benefits of the volume growth that we're currently providing, to properly reflect a business model that's different to most other retailers,' said the letter.
He called on the Governor-Elect, to as a matter of importance remember all his campaign promises and ensures they are fulfilled in order to ensure that the people who entrusted him with their votes are not disappointed.
Another matter of importance is the speedy appointment of personnel in senior management positions, especially provincial heads, to assist in driving the strategic objectives of the institution.
The Upper East Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Eric Amoh, has appealed to the Regional Security Council to, as a matter of importance, seek the involvement of eminent chiefs in the country to find a lasting solution to the protracted chieftaincy dispute in the Bolgatanga Traditional Area.
"This is an issue that I feel personally - my insulin is produced by a company in the EU, Denmark, so I know this is an issue that's a matter of importance to people.
When Law told Gooi that the question was already rejected, the latter insisted that the issue is a matter of importance for the state and its people.