matter of importance

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You seem to come on a matter of importance," said he to Raoul, after he had embraced him, pointing to a seat.
Willoughby's opinion in almost every matter of importance.
I may tell thee, Teresa, I mean thee to go in a coach, for that is a matter of importance, because every other way of going is going on all-fours.
I would then defer my ramble, or confine myself for that day to the park and gardens, or, if the proposed excursion was a matter of importance, such as a visit to the sick or afflicted, I would take Rachel with me, and then I was never molested.
And as we are drinking it, I'll talk to you about a matter of importance.
It was a society in which familiarity reigned and in which people were liable to meet three times a day, so that their ultimate essence really became a matter of importance.
The British public will never be given a referendum on any matter of importance.
President Ilham Aliyev takes all decisions relating to petroleum or any other matter of importance in Azerbaijan.
Calling for a Statement on dying and palliative care in the Assembly Chamber this week, Mr Isherwood said: "I'm aware the (Health) Minister is speaking at an outside event later this week on this, but this is a matter of importance to two of the Cross-Party Groups I chair - on Hospices and Palliative Care, and on Funerals and Bereavement.
Chaired by Monique Sutherland, partner and UK Diversity Chair at the firm, the event showed Martina to be as hard-hitting on matters of diversity as she was on the court, sharing her personal experiences to provide a unique insight into why diversity is a matter of importance to us all.
According to the Daily Times, South African Cricketer's Association (SACA) chief executive Tony Irish said that the players are hoping that the series can be discussed as a matter of importance given that BCCI has formalized its leadership structure, adding that the tour has a massive financial implication on South African cricket.