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(Case), noun action, causa, cause, cause in court, claim, court action, dispute, inquiry, lawsuit, legal accion, legal proceedings, litigation, pleadings, proceedings, suit, suit at law, trial
Associated concepts: matter of record


(Subject), noun business on hand, case, case in question, claim, concern, debatable point, dispute, field of inquiry, institutum, issue, item on the agenda, point, point at issue, point in question, problem, proposition, propositum, question, res, subject for inquiry, subject matter, topic, topic for discussion
Associated concepts: immaterial matter, matter in controoersy, matter in dispute, matter in issue, matter in pais, matter of fact, matter of form, matter of law, matter of record, matter of substance, matters pending
Foreign phrases: Certa debet esse intentio, et narratio, et certum fundamentum, et certa res quae deducitur in juuicium.The intention, declaration, foundation, and matter brought to judgment ought to be certain. Eventus varios res nova semper habet. A new matter always holds the possibility of a different result. Culpa est immiscere se rel ad se non pertinenti. It is a fault for anyone to meddle in matters which do not concern him.
See also: affair, article, business, case, consequence, content, corpus, entity, gist, happening, import, issue, item, lawsuit, materiality, matter in dispute, meaning, object, particular, point, proceeding, significance, subject, substance

MATTER. Some substantial or essential thing, opposed to form; facts.

MATTER, IMPERTINENT, Equity pleading. That which is altogether irrelevant to the case, that does not appertain or belong to it; id est, qui ad rem non pertinet. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4163. See Impertinent.

MATTER, SCANDALOUS, equity pleading. A false and malicious statement of facts, not relevant to the cause. But nothing which is positively relevant, however harsh or gross the charge may be, can be considered scandalous. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4163.
     2. A bill cannot by the general practice, be referred for impertinence after the defendant has answered, or submitted to answer, but it may be referred for scandal at any time, and even upon the application of a stranger to the suit, for he has the right to prevent the records of the court from being made the vehicle of spreading slanders against himself. Id. n. 41f 64.

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Totally passionless communication will bore engineers, and there's a difference between matter-of-fact and monotone, in speech and prose alike.
When considering the pier, the architects took the bare bones, honest, pared down and matter-of-fact quality of the existing structure as their starting point.
Narrator Gibbons is perfect, with her Southern intonations and matter-of-fact delivery.
In a nutshell: Adaptation of Nobel laureate Imre Kertesz's semi-autobiographical novel about an adolescent Hungarian's journey through Nazi concentration camps is simultaneously hallucinatory, aestheticized and matter-of-fact realistic.
Later the girl, alone in the plywood cemetery, does a matter-of-fact striptease down to her very grown-up black lingerie.
Rot on the Vine: The Many Dark Faces of Religion is a collection of writings--some fictionalized "what-if" essays but mostly matter-of-fact expositions--that explore the side of religion that is perverted to serve human greed, hatred, hypocricy, and intolerance.
He notes that their former spouses said that the women had spoken to them of childhood abuse incidents in an unexpressive, matter-of-fact way.
In "Body Count: The Dead at Tay Ninh," Bowen uses even a sparer, more matter-of-fact style to depict the grotesque.
Known for his jokes and funny improvisations, mixed with matter-of-fact advice, callers seek "El Cucuy's" insightful words of support and guidance to continue with life's everyday demands.
This book illustrates and describes the buildings and projects in a matter-of-fact way, and, like the buildings, it is stylish and beautiful without having any gimmicks or silly eccentricities.
Indeed, the power of the movie comes from its matter-of-fact presentation of the chaos of the ghetto.
He tells his story in a matter-of-fact tone, which makes the tragedy of his world all the more poignant.