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Although matting is rare to nonexistent in shorthaired dogs, all dogs need to be brushed, Dr.
In addition to improving cleanliness, commercial matting is a cost effective marketing instrument for businesses that wish to customize their entrance mats with slogans, logos, or unique selling propositions (USPs).
The roll matting is easy to install and provides superior drainage, malting it ideal for use in walkways, freezers, dishwashing stations, and work areas.
Portable, temporary surface matting, called Temp Trail, is made of heavy-grade, reinforced polyester shaped into a patented open cross-weave pattern with a corrugated surface to increase wheel traction.
As Winter approaches, no office or apartment building should be without durable, fresh-looking, entrance matting properly placed at major doorways and lobbies.
Hogan identified a number of opportunities for recycling of used tires, including filling tires with polystyrene foam to be used as docks, tire treads linked together for bush roads, chipping rubber from tires to be used for soil amendment (useful in re-greening mine tailing areas) and chipping of tires or tire matting for children's playgrounds.
The mat and matting is available in plush or ribbed styles and in standard or runner sizes for a variety of uses throughout the work place.