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The ET nurse discovered that a variety of support surfaces were in use at BAMC, including standard hospital mattresses, pressure reduction mattresses, low air-loss beds, and several types of low air-loss mattress overlays.
a leading provider of affordable products effective in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, announced today its success in winning a Chinese Government bid to supply WAFFLE Mattress Overlays throughout China.
Risk Manager bedside safety mat sales increased 16%, patient positioner sales were up by 2%, mattress overlay sales declined 9%, and sales of seating products and our Selan[R] skin care line were both down 2% during the year.
Also, the BETA I and II Mattress Overlay, model 100, and Mattress Replacement, rnode1200, have been added to the V61kner Turning System support surfaces line.
CEO Kevin Todd stated, "This is an industry I am very familiar with, having previously been associated with a company which sold over 100,000 magnetic mattress overlay pads.
A bundled product system, the COMFORT BUNDLE includes one PRODIGY[TM] Mattress Overlay, a patented group I mattress overlay designed for individuals who are at risk from skin breakdown and/or have Stage or II ischemic ulcer, and one MOSAIC[TM] cushion designed for patients at risk of or who have a history of skin breakdown.
One of these products is a mattress overlay believed to improve sleep and reduces pain.
a leading provider of affordable products effective in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, is announcing today the release of the WAFFLE[R] Bariatric Mattress Overlay, EHOB's newest static air overlay, designed for bariatric patients.
Moving up the severity-of-risk scale, there is the air mattress overlay (with pump attached); the low air loss overlay; the low air loss bed ("although the superiority of this over the overlay has not been scientifically documented as yet"); the flotation therapy bed; and, finally, the air-fluidized bed.
The dog-bone handwells are one of a kind in the healthcare industry and have been added to all WAFFLE Brand Mattress Overlay models.
Residents at risk for developing pressure ulcers, for example, will qualify for a mattress overlay or specialty bed.
There is not one universal chair or mattress overlay effective for all populations.