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The WAFFLE[R] Bariatric Mattress Overlay is available now for purchase through EHOB's nationwide resellers and on the company's Web site, www.
a leader in pressure ulcer product innovation, is introducing a new, stronger handwell design on all WAFFLE[R] Mattress Overlays.
Turning schedules should be used in conjunction with all support surfaces, chair cushion and mattress overlays.
Sales of other medical products included a 22% increase in sales of mattress overlays due to higher export sales and a 1% increase in sales of patient positioners.
Figure 6-2: Mattress Overlay Market by Care Setting U.
Sales of mattress overlays declined by 9%, Selan[R] skin care product sales were down by 3% and patient positioner sales fell by 1%.
Wound care and mattress overlays together are expected to capture over 85.
The client can choose the firmness and the size of the bed, they can ask for supplementary mattress overlays or special cushions and pillows.
The report provides value ($m), volume (units) and average price ($) data for each segment and sub-segment within four market categories - Mattresses, Mattress Overlays, Speciality Beds Rental Business and Speciality Beds Sales Business.
It was decided to put mattress overlays with built-in side guards on the beds of at-risk patients.
Complicating the problem was the fact that 6 E was using soft care mattress overlays for pressure ulcer reduction, which was inhibiting the bed alarm sensor.
The full range of Action[R] wheelchair cushions, mattress overlays, and accessories delivers high-quality, low-maintenance pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.