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Because of using final maturated compost by rural communities, a growing number of farmers and gardeners who rely on chemical fertilizers are realizing the value of compost for plant growth and restoring depleted soil.
This shows that the conditions for a negotiation between the two partners have not yet maturated enough to yield a high-level visit.
The samples were divided in two groups vacuum packed, maturated for 7 and 14 days.
The alignment between the Iberian empires and the Vatican maturated in a specific spirit of the Crusade.
From a medical geographic standpoint, these sites mediate an individual patient's close contact with the cannabis plant itself, which is usually found at these sites in the form of fully maturated and cultivated organic cannabis flower specimens and other cannabis-infused products.
The aim of this study is to compare the therapeutic effects of balneotherapy, parafango therapy, not fully maturated mud and the use of maturated mud in knee osteoarthritis (KOA)
Sex plays a part in the relationship, which develops between Ricky and Ginny Sue, but also with the rest of the characters who recognize how this couple has maturated beyond high school.
We can see that China's timber production and processed timber product markets have moved out of a planned economy and maturated progressively in the past 20 years.
It is a premium scotch blend that contains 65% malt, greater than any other standard blend and is maturated in 19th century styled Quarter Casks which impart upto 30% more maturation resulting in a rich and smooth taste.
The shell powder was comprised of ground oyster shells, which were sifted; only the powder with particulate size between 230 and 390 iim was used; it was chlorinated and maturated with treated seawater to form the biofilm.
What's more, building a distributed database involves not only performance, but also other factors have to be taken into account, such as physically holding, matching between database size and computer power [19], and existing maturated management modes.