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c/ Debris from a mature cataract can cause inflammation which will lower the IOP
As the results of this study showed, based on clinical grading of cataract by anatomical location mixed cataract and mature cataract were the most common forms respectively and for the distribution of VA, the vision of counting finger with 66.
However, while one study found the selenium concentration of cataractous lenses to be only 15% of normal, another found a significant increase in lens selenium content with increasing opacification and coloration, with the highest selenium concentration in lenses with a mature cataract.
Out of 475 patients with mature Cataract 175 patients were males and 300 were females ranging from 5 years to 75 years.
The presence of a mature cataract can slightly impede the flow of aqueous at the anterior angle and this can cause IOP to rise.
LIG is a clinical condition characterised by (i) a violent secondary glaucoma (Resembling acute angle closure glaucoma) in one eye with senile mature cataract, hyper mature senile cataract (Rarely immature senile cataract) yet with an open angle, (ii) normal intraocular pressure and open angle in other eye, and (iii) a prompt relief of symptoms and restoration of vision after cataract extraction in the effected eye.
While Gifford described it as glaucoma associated with hyper mature cataract, (2) Reuss noted it as spontaneous absorption of lens substance through intact capsule.
If capsule ruptures--usually posteriorly, lens is hydrated rapidly causing white mature cataract.
The examiner is in dark about the possibilities of posterior segment pathologies in dense and mature cataract in which fundus is invisible to direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy.