mature person

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They had not been so wonderful after all, then, in the eyes of a mature person.
North Korean Foreign Minister Ri-Yong-ho ( said that Pompeo casts "long shadows" over denuclearization talks and that he employs "hackneyed sanctions rhetoric." The North Korean government supposedly wants a "more mature person" from the U.S.
He is a very mature person and totally understanding but I don't want to ruin his trust.-Guilty Lover
No selfrespecting British patriot would threaten their fellow citizens and as a 74-year-old mature person you should know better.
Replying to a question regarding PML-N leader Abid Sher Ali, he said he was not a mature person and added that after seeing the huge corruption of his leader Nawaz Sharif, he was gone mad.
I have no qualms in accepting that she is a much more evolved, a much more mature person than me.
In response, Quinones-Alejandro admonished his parents for coddling him by saying, "Once your son is released, I want you to make sure your son grows up and becomes a mature person. You can't continue to shelter him," according to
My more than 13 years of involvement in IMA have made me a versatile and mature person. My main concern is ethics in business since, in my view, ethics in business leads to prosperity for humanity in which you are a part.
'I am looking for a mature person who will handle the impression that has already been created outside there by the media that I am a con, which I am not.
"I grew a lot through that and came into college a much more mature person than a lot of my peers ...
'He is a mature person and has played with and under great players.
Summary: Mumbai, (Maharashtra) [India] Aug 23 (ANI): Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra's mother praised American singer Nick Jonas for being a wonderful and a mature person.