mature person

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They had not been so wonderful after all, then, in the eyes of a mature person.
The ban was a trying period for Dutee, but it made her a more mature person.
He added: "There's talk a mature person bought the ticket and they are thought to be reasonably local but there's no name or anything so that's all we know.
Wolff feels that will not pose a problem, adding: "Lewis is a very intelligent and mature person now who knows more about Formula One than many other managers out there.
A: You are already a mature person since you are 16.
He's been doing great things with the training staff and he's just a more mature person who handles things better.
Addressing some people who have made scathing remarks on Twitter about the meaning of yhsanoy-lu's name, the candidate explained that the name means "the most mature person of religion, a person whom religion has made more mature.
Now, Kejriwal should graduate from having a childish enjoyment and pleasure for getting media attention to a mature person holding a constitutional post at the highest level in the state," he said.
He himself has decided he is going to make himself a more mature person.
Rickie is a very mature person who has seen all that football has to offer," said Hodgson.
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Recording an open verdict, he said: "She thought: 'I'll take some tablets to stop this', which is different to a mature person saying: 'I'm going to kill myself and never come back'.