mature person

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They had not been so wonderful after all, then, in the eyes of a mature person.
As an mature person, also avoid the bouncy type of actively as this will eventually work against you.
A regular mature person would want to run her own life.
She loved you too but when she realised that it was not possible being with you, being a mature person she cut off ties with you.
If that show did anything to me, it's made me a more mature person in relationships," he added.
You are, after all, a more mature person now and it's important that your friends like him and that he gets on well with them.
It will bring young people starting out in their careers, couples and young families, as well as the mature person looking for a more modern style of living.
PESHAWAR -- General Secretary PMLN FATA, Malak Naushad Khan has said that the failed rally of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf would prove as last nail in its coffin as no mature person attended this so-called gathering.
Same-sex marriage intentionally denies, by default, a child's inalienable right to be reared intentionally by both of their biological parents, not a half-baked compromise which pleases no mature person, least of all the defenceless child.
As a teenager going through the delicate phase of adolescence myself, I think there can be no better impression that can feed my questions about the sudden change in my outlook, as Frank clearly pours her heart out throughout the book about how she feels alienated from family because they still do not treat her as a mature person, how she is always in the shadow of her elder sister and how she finds one person, who she can open up with, mainly because he's her age.
I'm a more mature person now and will not let anyone down, Amir said.