mature responsibility

See: discretion
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Especially against the backdrop of current anti-establishment fervour, what stands out are the conventional priorities that seem to unite these student activists today-- and the fact that those priorities represent an endorsement of mature responsibility. Kids demand that their voices be heard, but they aren't pushing back against adult vigilance.
It created a wave of interest and mature responsibility.
As a matter of fact, although work prevented Hamilton from studying as much as boys with less mature responsibility, he was a brilliant student, a quick study in the truest sense.
In his essay, "The Autonomous Jewish Serf," he upholds the sacredness of individual conscience and "mature responsibility" in deciding what to observe and what to reject; on the other hand, he urges Reform Jews to follow the Orthodox pattern in marriage and divorce and to cover their heads at prayer.
Scottish stand-off Gregor Townsend (centre top) has developed a mature responsibility in his overall play