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With Singh appearing more confident he began clipping balls maturely around the Ageas Bowl
The citizens have so far conducted maturely and reasonably and deserve respect for that," Bogov explained.
With the title battle clearly at the forefront of his mind, James wisely and maturely elected not to fight too hard against drivers who had more pace than him on the day.
Scepticism that the countries of the Western Balkans could ever get their act together and orientate themselves, maturely and soberly, to the good-neighbourly relations required for their European Union prospects may also arise from the dreary and destructive Macedonia name dispute.
Regarding the arrest of Fenerbahce soccer club's chairman Aziz Yildirim and the following incidents, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that club's supporters should act maturely about the issues which were submitted to jurisdiction.
Sam Foster's parents want him to behave more maturely, but that's easier said than done.
Welfare Minister Yitzchak Herzog (Labor) sent a message to Netanyahu, advising him: "We must act maturely, find the channels for reaching [the Turks], even if it means circumventing Lieberman, who as foreign minister forgets that his role is to open doors, not shut them serially, especially with regard to Turkey.
It seems to me that you do 'know better' and are dealing with things maturely.
Ed and David Miliband seem to be able to maturely debate their differences, it is a pity that the 'brothers' in the local Labour Party cannot do the same.
There are questions of morality subtly weaved into the fabric and difficult situations that the young characters have to deal with maturely.
He still has moments when he goes into other areas of the pitch but he is choosing those moments more maturely.
It's about choosing the right time to do that and maturely handling the situations when they arise.